Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hey! Buy this house…but only if you are a doll lover. :-D

What?  I’m dying to know who will buy the recently finished house across the street.

Let me just say, drawing compared to actual house is spot on.  It’s been interesting to watch this house be built from destroying the woods that once lived in it’s spot, to building the foundation, to loud early mornings of banging and sawing, to the finished look.  Let me just say, it’s the newest house in a neighbor hood that was built in the 70s.  We have like two houses that were built in like the 90s but the rest were 70s and 80s.  There is another plot next to this house that will have a house on it eventually.  I’m so surprised they will get two houses on this plot of land.  But let me just say, that when the second house is built, if you fart your neighbor will hear it.  :-D  Ok, so some internal pics.

Living room with fireplace.  This is at the back of the house.

I actually love the kitchen.  It’s big enough and it’s open.  But the cabinets look kind of dated to me, or cheap.  One of the two.  The counters look ok.

This right here seems like a wasted picture.  Showing the ceiling fan.  I think that is common in most new houses now.  But it does show the crown molding which is not common for houses in this neighborhood.  Perhaps the rich neighborhood they built behind mine but not my middle class neighborhood.

Double vanity in the master bathroom.  Nice.  Counters still seem cheap or out of date to me.

I believe this is a garden tub.  I think I read it had one.  And I believe it’s under a frosted window.  This is on the side of the house at the front.  I believe this is the master bathroom since the house has only two bathrooms.

And here’s the second bathroom.  So the other tub must be the master one.  This one looks nice.  Simple bathroom for guests and kids.

Backyard.  It’s kind of on the smallish side so if you aren’t much for gardening then this is for you.  I think I’d want a privacy fence because the yard is completely open.  I can see half of it from my craft room upstairs across the street.  And since the house is for right now the corner house the people on my street which is the main street and the street that it corners with can all see into the backyard.  So yeah, I’d want a privacy fence.

They really took crap  pictures of the house.  They should have taken one of the front and not take internal ones until the house was done.  And not one of the garage.  It doesn’t even tell in the listing that it’s a double garage.  And the listing has it in the wrong zip code and on the wrong street.  LOL!  No one it hasn’t sold yet.  But I am surprised it hasn’t because it’s in one of the best school districts in town.  I’m sure it will sell soon with all those military people being moved here over the next few years.  But still, I wish I knew who will move there.  I hope they aren’t jerks.  If I could I would move there, but alas I can’t.  Oh well.  I don’t think they will be starting on the second house until that one sells and two others on the main street outside of our neighborhood.  But the lot is for sale so I’m sure the person who buys it will be able to build a very nice house just how they like it.  So if you are in the market for purchasing a house or wanting to build your own on a corner lot with a nosey but polite neighbor living across from you, and you happen to like dolls, drop me a line and I’ll hook you up.  ;-) 

And just so this post isn’t completely boring, here’s a sneak peek into what I started on today.


Ignore the messy desk, it always looks like that.  The focus are the ten pieces of fabric slowing drying from no-sew glue.  Tomorrow I will sew across those sewed hems and make “hopefully” ten cute little dresses.  I have the threads I want to use all ready to go right there, so tomorrow will be a busy sewing day.  :-)  Looking forward to it.  :-)  Ok, I’m off.  I want to go watch an episode or two of the new Korean drama I started.  I finished the last one that I will review for you in a bit.  It was ok, nothing to write home about.  Ok, talk to you later.  Bye for now.

Loves ya,


  1. Your desk is SOOoooooooo _not_ a mess! it looks spotless compared to mine at the moment (doll bodies, dirty paint covered pringles lids, wires, acetone, hairbrushes, bubble wrap,bits and pieces of stuff, notebooks,doll heads, BTVS dvds, pens etc...LOL)

    In any case that house looks interesting but so very much a new build. I agree that the kitchen cabinetry looks "blah" and that the bathroom stuff does too...but then I guess it's easier to sell "blah" than something which might be sort of out there and more interesting (some people have no sense of adventure!).

    PS--I'm loving the autumn blog theme! AND the fact that I can see what date you posted your Blog post on!! :D

  2. You know, I actually wish my desk looked like yours. Then it would mean I was actually creating something. LOL! You are my new desk idol. :-) My goal is to have a desk just like yours one day. ;-)

    Yeah the house is kind of blah, but in a neighborhood where most of the houses were built in the 70s and 80s it's a tiny bit more ritzy. Just a tiny bit. LOL!

    And thank you! I like changing my layouts and thought let's go for fall. In the process of changing it again. Hopefully it'll go as well. And thanks for letting me know about the date thing. I didn't know if it mattered to anyone. I know it kind of irked me that it wasn't really there before. So I will make sure my layout keeps that. :-)


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