Friday, September 17, 2010

Hey! Hey guys!

Guess what I want.

Hehe. Yes I’m serious, and yes I’m getting one. I’ve never had any before but I think they look so awesome. I want to see if I can get them to live and stay living for the two years they can live up to. Looking for a kit now to get. I’m glad the kits don’t have that many in them, I think it would overwhelm me, but the start kits have only a fraction of those, so that’s good.

Oh, you don’t know what they are? :-D They’re brine shrimp. :-D Think I’ll either hit the toy shelves of Target or Walmart to see if they have any. If not, I found some cool kits on Amazon. I’ll let you know when I get them. Yep, I’m a big dork/kid at heart and I plan to stay that way. :-D

Loves ya,

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