Thursday, May 28, 2009

Crafty Thursday

More Goodie Bags

Nothing much to say today. I got 5 more bags sewn. So that's 10 all together. I'm getting my time on each one down to nothing practically. And I see there are some parts of sewing them I like more than other parts. But its all good. I know how some baggies to start with and I think I know what I will be filling my first ten with. Half doll related items and half human related items. Or I was thinking of mixing a bit of both in each back. But I still have to make my store banner and some business cards before I open shop. I found a place once online that would print off like 250 cards for free for you. I think I need to hunt that down again. Ran out of ribbon so I got some more while I was out shopping the other day. I picked up a satin ribbon this time instead of sheer to just give things a slightly different look. I'm also trying to figure out a way to add a little character to my baggies. I think I have several ideas...well at least two right now that stand out to me. So hopefully those will see the light of day soon. I promise to have more info for you soon. :-)

Needlepoint Package

In more crafty news, the other day I was at Tuesday Morning and found this needlepoint kit for $1.99. It was a beginners kit, that more suited children. But I thought, for 2 bucks I can tinker with something I am interested in trying before I spend serious cash on it. From what I see about needle point I like how the start and stop is all woven into the work and not knotted. It looks so much better. I always knot in my cross stitch. I wonder if there is a way to weave the ends in so there are no knots? I just prefer knots thought. It makes it seem like stronger work. Who knows. I'll research it.

Early Beginnings

But I worked on it for about two days. It would have been done sooner if I hadn't skipped around, got halfway done and noticed a good hunk of the stitches were going the wrong way. *facepalm* Ugh!!! I had to take those all loose and start again. Good thing the company wasn't stingy with the yarn. So I got all the stitches going in the right direction and put it in the plastic frame it came with. Its ok for a try at something I am interested in. I might try a "grown up" one in the future, but for now I will stick with cross stitch and do a little more research on needlepoint before I make the first jump in. Humm, why is it when I look at this thing I hear a childlike voice going "Charlieeeee..."? Hummm.

The Little Unicorn that Could

Speaking of cross stitch, for the past couple of weeks I have been working on this one. Its a tiny counted cross stitch. So why is it not done yet? Well when I bought this kit years ago it was on clearance. The box was pretty beat up but from what I could tell everything was still in the box. Well since I was more collecting counted cross stitch kits on the cheap for the time when I finally learned how to do it, I didn't bother actually looking in the box. Fast forward years later. The glass that was in the box broke over time so it was just the fabric and the rest of the kit. Or so I thought. So a couple of weeks ago I was so exctied to start on this cross stitch. I thought it was so pretty and couldn't wait to get it done because of how the kit worked out. I figured I'd find another pane of glass or a frame to put everything in. So I read the box and it says I have glass...nope that broke, glass hoooks...yep still got those, aida cloth...yep got that, embroidery thread...yep got that, needle...humm nope don't have that but I have plenty from other projects that I can use, instructions...yep got...hold up...*shakes box* instructions?!?!? Oh no!!! This kit is useless!!! Ahhhh!!! Humm wait. *Looks at box closly.* I can just make out the stitchs on the example. I might be able to use the box example and recreated it on the fabric. I am slowly starting to let go of the need to have my work exactly as the original.

The Cross Stitch Kit from Hell!!!

So here is my early attempt at recreating the picture from a tiny picture on a box cover. It gets frustrating to work on this after a while because one light blue looks the same as another when you take it down to just one thread or two. And I'm already running out of a certain color that I need more of. So this adventure is already very interesting. We'll see how it all turns out. I'm excited...aren't you? :-D

Loves ya,

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