Monday, May 18, 2009

Welcome to The House of Mouse!!!

Hey all, and welcome to my new place to blog, The House of Mouse or Das Haus der Maus. The House of Mouse was taken on Blogger but it wasn't in German. Since I am part German I thought it fit. :-) And it still rhymes. Yeah me! :-D

Ok, I feel I owe it to you to explain why the move. Well, I have been trying to find a persona that fits me. I've gone through several as some of you know, and I just couldn't get one that felt right. However, one persona I just used for forums and emails I kept for a while but never thought of using. Until recently.

I decided to go with mouse because I love Mouse from Reboot and I love all things mice related. Living, cartoon, figurine, if its a mouse I love it. But this didn't really click for me until I started being called mouse some places on the net. So I decided to just go for it and be Mouse. So here I am, for your viewing pleasure, and I plan on staying here a long time to come. However I don't really know where the angle of blog will go. I like so many things and I don't feel like I should dedicate my blog to just one aspect of my life. I kind of have the days sectioned up for how I will post, which I think will work nicely for me and have the blog update more often with scheduled posts. I am thinking of not posting at all on Sunday but that's still up in the air. But we will see what happens.

Oh the above picture is a quiz I took that has me down perfectly. I was kind of worried my time would be 3:33. LOL! But I thought this would be the perfect way to jump start my new blog and website. So welcome once again. Wipe off your feet at the door and enjoy your stay at The House of Mouse.

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