Monday, June 15, 2009

Fashionable Monday

Its funny, I don't intend to post on my past themed days but I always seem to post fashion related items on Monday. LOL! Well this one is an odd one. Its a video about a woman being stripped by at crane. Nope, I'm not joshing you. Check it out.

So here's my ish. Why would they even bother putting in all the time and effort to practice doing this? Did they win money for it? Seriously, it seems pointless, but it was interesting. I swear when that crane got close to her body I freaked out a bit. Could you imagine the pressure a pinch from a crane would put on your body? OUCH! Well I hope you were mildly entertained. I'll be back to posting here soon. Here lately I've been posting about personal stuff on a second blog. If you want to know the personal stuff you will have to email me at (mouse1996 @ nc . rr . com) taking out all the spaces. I need to know you from somewhere before you get that link though, so just let me know where I might know you from. Ok, that's about all for now. I might be posting again soon with another silly post. Until then take care my lovelies.

Loves ya,
Mouse 8:>

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