Monday, June 15, 2009

Barbie FTW!!!

Ok, so this amused me the other day and I just have yet to post about it. I found this through another website I love looking at called 9GAG.


Its a Foosball table with the players being modded Barbie dolls. I just find this so funny. I would LOVE to have this table. I do kind of feel bummed there are no Barbies of color slipped in there, but I'll just consider this the prototype and imagine the "real one" will have it a little more colorful. ;-)


I could see this sitting in the middle of my gigantic den...if only my parents didn't call it their bedroom. Oh well. LOL! I wonder where the inventor got this idea. From what I can make out from the little blurb about it here, it was for a design event in Berlin. I wonder where this table is now. Who gets to call this gem theirs? Well whoever has it now is one lucky duck. ;-)

And the comments for these post are just as amusing.

I for one always play soccer in my tank top and mini skirt.

This next one made me giggle:

The killjoys at Mattel are drafting an unamused cease & desist letter as we speak.

In response to that comment:

Probably the same killjoys responsible for the demise of the infamous Bratz dolls, so I don't mind them.

Worst Rockette's line up ever.

The feet are conventional, but the miniskirt says: "Sports are hard, let go shopping!"

Come on Barbie, let's play soccer! Oo oo oo oo! Come on Barbie, score a goal now! Oo-whoa, oo-whoa!

Bend it like Barbie.

If I had that table, my signature move would definitely be the "Ponytail Whip" to score!

This just reminds me of this unexplicable anger I feel when I see women -all dressed up, full-on make-up and with their hair down- working out. Can anyone relate and try to explain this to me?

Umm, yeah, can anyone explain that last one? Why do women get all dolled up for the a workout? You are going to be sweating. You won't look cute with gunk running all over your face. Seriously. Humm. Well I just wanted to post about that real quick. I'm off again. I just remembered one more post I wanted to make before laying down and catching up on a missed episode of "As the World Turns". So yeah, one more coming at you.

Loves ya,
Mouse 8:>

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