Monday, June 15, 2009

Umm baby, you smell good enough to eat.


Ok, sorry I lied. I have one more post for you. If you couldn't tell from the picture, Burger King has come out with a fragrance called "Flame". It's flame-grilled scent boasts to put you "in the mood for anything". *Wiggles eyebrows.* Here's what the website you can buy it on says.

A perfume like no other wafts in to RED5 – Flame is Britain’s first fragrance with the hint of flame-grilled beef, endorsed by celebrity hotshot Piers Morgan and priced at a credit crunch busting £4.99!

Most celebrity fragrances offer a ‘delicate’, ‘playful’ or ‘captivating’ overtone. But not Flame. The new fragrance from Burger King bucks the trend with that hint of flame-grilled beef. And reputedly it's also a surprising scent of seduction!

Flame makes a fun gift for Father’s Day, birthdays or for no occasion in particular. Make that someone special feel irresistible again! Or, why not treat yourself to the scent of seduction and test its pulling power on your next night out?

When it was launched in the US last year, Flame sold out in just four days. So don't hang about. Get your hands on the UK version before it’s too late!!

Oh yeah baby, you know you like it. So go out and get your "flame" on today. ;-)

Loves ya,
Mouse 8:>

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