Friday, June 5, 2009

Ever wondered where :-) and :-( came from?


Yeah, so did I. Well upon reading blog after blog after blog, I think I have found out.

It seems that a gentleman called Scott E. Fahlman invented the emoticon back on September 19th, 1982. It was to help basically clear the air on whether a person was serious or not in there bulletin board post.

But nowadays it seems the simple smile and frown emoticon has taken on a whole new life. If you can think it up, more than likely there is an emoticon for it. It wasn't until I came across a post on the blog Computer Knowledge that I realized truly how many emoticons were out there. The owners of the blog composed a list of 1,900 emoticons. They have since stopped updating the list, probably because its to hard to keep up with all the emoticons being made. It got me thinking, if I could create my own emoticon. First of course I had to look through the list for the one I wanted to make. Nope, not one like it the one I had in mind. So can I officially say I invented it then? Yep, I think I can. :-) Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The House of Mouse emoticon. Pass it far and pass it wide. Let's make it viral. :-D


A mouse. :-D Loves it right? Well I loves it and that's all that matters. LOL! Well I just wanted to give you this little bit of useless knowledge. I hope you enjoyed. Oh yeah, and as for lack of updates, I think it was basically because I really can't stick to a schedule or themed days. I tried, I failed. So back to posting what I find when I find it. Until next time lovelies.

Loves ya,
Mouse 8:>

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