Thursday, February 17, 2011

Have I just become bitter guys?


So if you haven’t heard already, Barbie and Ken have made it “official” that they are “back on” again.  Even going as far to merge their Facebook pages.  *fake doe-eyed sigh* So in love.  No seriously, when I read the official press release, I must admit, I wanted to gag.  Now is it because this is the stupidest thing known to mankind or is it that I’m an just a bitter old witch who needs to melt off a few layers of ice around her heart?  I don’t know.  I just found the whole Barbie breaking up with Ken to be stupid.  I know they were trying to generate sales and they are doing the same thing now and well they have to keep trying new things, but still, it’s stupid.  Why not try something else when it comes to Barbie like oh I don’t know, kill the pink, give her better quality clothing that covers her more and is more modest, bring her price down some, and just make her more interesting.  *sigh*  I don’t know, maybe I’m just bitter.  I still find Liv dolls more interesting, but my sister’s sudden interest in dolls again is making me look at other dolls as well.  I think I am going to get her a doll for her birthday.  Just trying to decide what kind of doll.  She wants about a 15 inch or so bjd.  I’m looking around but nothing so far.  I’ll keep looking.  She is making me want to play with my poorly neglected Bobobie sprite again.  I need to find some elastic cording for her that will make her joints hold better and get a wig that fits finally.  *sigh*  But meh, I just wanted to hop on here to really do nothing.  LOL!  I am bored and in a funky mood.  I want to do some shopping on Amazon for some books on amigurumi, so I may do that.  I also need to use up some gift cards and plan to use them online as well.  I need to get up early to make some doctors appointments, yay - not really.   Meh, don’t mind me peeps.  Just in a blah mood.  Congrats to the happy couple ^.  May they have many long years together, or may they be together until Mattel’s sales drop again, whichever comes first.  Bye y’all.

Loves ya,


  1. What?! Didn't know they "Broke up"! Lame. Fun blog you have here! Thanks for stopping by and entering my OWOH giveaway and good luck!


  2. Nah. You're not bitter & an old witch!!
    (You might be a youngish witch tho--can never tell) :P

    IMO the whole Mattel design & concept teams need to really stop and take stock at what they're trying to sell & who the market is.... Yea 4-7 year olds probably won't care a whit about Barbie & ken getting hitched/engaged whatever. (Unless they make a few versions of wedding dresses, bridal gowns & etc for her and her bridesmaids (oh, yea, does barbie have any friends anymore??)

    For the more adult crowd I think Mattel really only thinks in terms of Silkstones & Barbie Basics -- although I think the whole "engagement" / B& K getting "back together" (did anyone care that they weren't???!) are Mattel's way of trying to cash into (what they think will be) Nostalgia. And even there they're losing sight of the basics that adult collectors want: quality, creativity, and oh, did I mention quality??

    Just my opinion.

    As for getting your sister a doll--good! Dolls are good (just make sure you research and check it against her personal tastes. Nothing worse than getting a gift that isn't "you".)

  3. Nice to meet you, have a nice afternoon. Loredana OWOH

  4. I've been following this for a while becasue I found Ken interesting, but this getting back together business really left me cold. Whoever was doing to writing really screwed up, I mean Barbie did nothing to get back together with Ken. He made all the effort, even after she dumped him. Honestly she should have made the first move and he should have decided if they wanted to get together. The way they did it just made Barbie look cold, cruel, and Soooooo amazing that you're willing overlook the fact that she dumped you. And while I like Barbie, I do like it best when she's real and not some vapid idiot.
    So if you think you're bitter, get in line behind me, I'm conductor on that train.

  5. Hello, I tried to e-mail you about you winning my OWOH tag but have got no response so I thought I would try here. Please e-mail me your mailing address.

  6. Well,I'm bitter.
    I saw Sweet-Talking Ken in the stores a couple of months ago and he is the first ever blond guy I'd chase.He is getting to be too cute for that annoying Barbie.
    Take care!Maricha


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