Thursday, November 22, 2012

Junky Spot Black Xmas Sale

Hey guys, just thought I'd mention this for those who might not have heard. Junky Spot is having a "Black Xmas" sale this weekend. Starting today, on special sale pages on the website, you can get some nice deals on some dolls you my have been coveting. Right now on sale are various Hujoo dolls. If I had the funds, I would be so broke right now. LOL!

There will be more sales tomorrow and Saturday. I believe they will be different items because he said they couldn't combine shipping for multiple orders. I'm assuming people would buy all they wanted in their first order and would only buy more if there are new items for sale. So be sure to check back the rest of this weekend. He may put Obitsu dolls up for sale, and you 1/6th peeps can snag some dolls for a little bit cheaper. So fingers crossed on that.

Ok, just wanted to pop back on to mention that. I will talk to you lovelies later. Bye for now.

Still feeling sleepy after eating turkey,

Image From The Junky Spot Website

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