Thursday, November 8, 2012

Super Sale On Liv Doll Jake

I hope I have time to type this out for you guys. If you are in the market for a Liv Doll Making Waves Jake, he is being sold for $4.97 right now. There are only 3 left though, so if you want him, snap to it.

However, if you do miss out on this deal, never fear. Toys R Us has him for $7.98, but I believe that is an online price only. I would advise you only buy him from Toys R Us if you are making a purchase that gets you the free shipping because Toys R Us shipping is crazy expensive otherwise. So this would be good if you want to get other discount Liv dolls or other dolls or doing Christmas shopping. Ok, hope I got this message out in time to you guys. Bye for now.

ETA: Umm, correction guys, there are 2 left. My mom found out my sister didn't have a Liv doll and so she got my sister a Liv doll couple for Christmas. LOL! Sorry. ;-) I promise, the last two are all yours! :-)

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Image from and is linked to it's sale page.

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