Thursday, April 28, 2011

Barbie Mystery Squad, Commercials, and Script Frenzy.

Ok, so I didn’t update my script total yesterday because I didn’t work on it.  I focused most of the day on exercising and dieting.  Yes, that is what all my attention was on.  I just wanted to try and see how it would work focusing hard on it, and yeah I only lost half a pound this morning and I felt worse instead of better and full of energy.  Then today my body rebelled against me and I couldn’t find anything but junk food to make it feel better.  Ahhh!!!  I’m not giving up!  You hear me body!!!  I’m not giving up!!!  Ahhhh!!!  *deep breath*  So yeah, that’s why I didn’t update yesterday.  I did however work on it today and bust out a good couple of pages.  A lot of dialog and letting you into some of the characters’ personalities.  I’m finding it a little easier to write for this story now for some reason.  I guess it’s the revisiting my characters again. But I still think of my new story I want to write so I hope I can knock out this script soon so I can start letting those other story ideas flow free.

So here’s my Script Frenzy update.

Half way there peeps!!!  I’m gonna make it!!!  Well, at least I hope so.  Open-mouthed smile

So when I first started collecting doll stuff, one of the first things I saw was the Barbie Mystery Squad line in KB Toys back on the day.  They were on sale at the time so I snatched them all up.  Then while at K-mart I noticed the Mystery Squad Café and just had to snatch it up too.  Well I was at the point in the story where I have characters visiting the café and didn’t know some of the Mystery Squad’s names.  They aren’t strong characters in the story and they have unique enough names where I just decided to stick with them.  One of them is of course Barbie, and since I didn’t have a Barbie in story nor do I want a Barbie as a main character I just decided to let her keep her name.  Well in my hunt for Shawnee’s name I came across the commercial for the line.  Check it out.

I must admit, that clap scene at the end is so cool.  LOL!  But yes, I have them all and I love everything about them, except for lack of knee joints.  But then while watching this video I saw a video that was in the suggestions video, and well I had to share it.  I warn you now, while the video does not have sex in it or anything really bad, it is for a condom, and well it hints a sex in different kinds of relationships.  Man I made that sound bad.  LOL!  Just watch.  It’s not really bad, but I’ll just say you may not want to watch this at work or in front of kids.  Check it out.

And well, that’s about it for this post.  Going to be doing some catch up this weekend on comments, blogs, and whatever else I am missing out on lately.  That should be fun.  Talk to you lovely people either later on today or tomorrow when I hopefully show you I’ve won Script Frenzy.  Half way there!!!!!  Bye for now.  Smile

Loves ya,

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