Monday, August 25, 2014

4 Months Until Christmas???

Nooooo!!! Where did the time go?!?!? Ugh! I wanted to be so crafty in the coming holidays and it's like time is just slipping away. I have to light a fire under my bum to get things started. So I have to admit something to you embarrassing...remember the wardrobes I've been trying to make my mom and sister for a couple of years now? Yeah, still working on it. Whattttt?!?!? Depression is a bitch, that's my excuse. But I am feeling a little bit better and now that I know I have 4 months, I am starting now to work on things. I have a lot of stuff done, but each year I add 20 more items, so I believe this year I am up to 60 items as well as other items I am adding in for certain events. But that is 60 per, so that's 120. LOL! I do have some of that done already, so I am not totally screwed. I am determined to get it done this year. So I am going to start planning now and getting started in the next few days. few weeks. What? The Sims 4 is coming out on the second of September...I wanna play. :-D But after I play for a while then I am seriously getting to business...seriously. Yeah. :-)

So you have all gotten your four month warning. If you are planning to craft for gifts, craft for dolls, or just craft in general, you have 4 months left. Let the countdown begin....NOW! :-) Talk to you next time awesome people. Bye for now. :-)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Cyber Goth For Dolls???

1So for a while now I have been trying to create an original character named Leia, and she would be into cyber goth fashion. But the doll I always had picked out for her was a Resinsoul Bei in tan, which makes her the height of roughly a regular fashion doll, but she’s thicker. I thought of making her a cyber goth fairy kind of, but I am wondering how much detail I can get in that size, should I try to get a bigger body, would a bigger body change her character, or am I being a wimp by not at least trying to make her clothing first.

I’ve know I’ve wanted one or two cyber goth characters in my collection for a while now, and I’ve been looking up cyber goth pictures and tutorials on how to make clothing and accessories for humans and planning on how to make them doll size. I am not sure where I want to start with my girl, and I am also going to come into a problem when it comes to shoes. But I’ve had her for a while now and haven’t done anything with her, much like my two other Bobobie/Resinsoul girls. I have decided it’s time to take them out and enjoy them. I mean I always get the white skin resin for dolls and by the time I play with them they have buttered. So from now on I am refusing to do that. I am going to pull them out and tinker and see how they work. I still have a goal of making my own dolls one day, it might help me some to know how dolls work in general. So Bei will be my first attempt.


I think I want to make her, I believe they are called waterfalls for her hair, fuzzy leggings for sure, and maybe even a tail? But I am not sure on her actual clothing yet. I know I will go for a skirt, short and slightly poofy, but I’m not sure on the top yet. I just love the bright colors of cyber goth fashions and I think they will look awesome against her tan resin. I just really want to try to get some detail in her clothing that will stand out some.


Also, the shoe issue, I don’t want to spend a lot on shoes, but I kind of want her to have several pairs she can switch between. I wonder if there are any dolls with feet her size. I’ll have to look through my collection of shoes and see if I came across any dolls that had bigger feet. I guess I need to head back to Den of Angels and other doll forums to see if others have found inexpensive ways to put shoes on the feet of their dolls. I just don’t want to spend more on her shoes than mine, especially since I’ve got several dolls that need shoes here that aren’t easy to come by. I might also have to look into making my own shoes as well. That will be interesting. I wonder if I can make the soles with 3D printing and then work around that? Hummmmm???


And to top things off I am also curious about including a little Japanese Punk Fashion into her wardrobe. It can also tend to be bright and funky, but maybe I will stick with just one fashion style per doll. I kind of like the idea of giving each one a unique style. Well not each one, just my special ones…I’ve got a lot of dolls and there isn’t enough time in the world to sew unique wardrobes for all of them. But some of them will definitely be getting the clothing treatment.


I guess I am just in thinking mode lately. I need to go through my fabrics and see what I’ve got and come up with some clothing ideas. I guess what is scarring my off is that fact that I have to come up with patterns for some of the items I want to make. I am not sure how to go about that, but I am willing to try and error to find what works for me. I hope to have something to share here soon, even if it’s just color swatches I am thinking of using. Stay tuned for that. And I will close on that note. Until next time lovelies, take care. Bye for now.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

I Got To Be A Google Doodle…Well Kinda

Can we just pause and reflect on the fact that I got a Google Doodle just for me today? When I got onto Google today, I was wondering who’s birthday it was today when I saw the cakes. I hovered over the image and got a surprise.


I was so shocked and then I of course I had to tell someone I had a Google Doodle. My sister was the only one around, but she was impressed, so I felt validated in my search for someone. LOL! So yeah, next time your birthday rolls around, take a look at Google, you may have your own Birthday Google Doodle waiting for you. Birthday cake Bye for now lovelies. Smile

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

100_0622I’ve done it! I’ve made it around the sun again!!! On to another year!!! I always see my birthday as my real “new year” instead of January 1st. I see it as a chance to make myself a better person so when my birthday springs up on me in the next 365 days, 366 in a leap year, I’ll have something to show for. In the past couple of years I haven’t changed much due to feeling like crap all the time, but I have decided to  change myself and my life this year. When I turn 37 I want to celebrate the year I’ve had and look forward to 38. This year is going to be a crazy year, I can tell. I have plans on how I want to change myself and I have plans on meeting new people and making new friends. So I’m looking forward to being 36 for the next 365 days and seeing what I can truly become. So again, Happy Birthday to me, and may the next year introduce me to a women I never knew I could I be. Smile
And on that note, I am off to have a slice of this lemon cake with lemon frosting, my mom made me. I think it’s adorable and I laughed when I came into the kitchen and saw it. She’d been planning it for a while. She’s planning my sister’s, which she has told me about in the strictest of confidence, and I can’t wait to show you it…in April. Well hey, maybe we’ll make one for Christmas, you never know. I mean I do have to make up for last Christmas, which was truly one of the saddest Christmases I have ever had, next to the first one without my brother. So this year has to be different, and very happy. Smile I’ll talk to you lovelies tomorrow. Until then, take care. Bye for now.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Human Cloning From The Clone Factory

So remember a few days back I wrote a post about That’s My Face? Well while searching the web today I came across The Clone Factory. I’d read about it before on Danny Choo’s blog, but completely forgot about it until I came across the topic again today. I was searching for custom made dolls and a picture came up of a clone doll made by the Clone Factory. Looking at the picture, the company seems very similar to That’s My Face, the only difference being is you have to go in person to get pictures taken at The Clone Factory, but with That’s My Face you can send your pictures in. If you look at the picture above you can see Danny’s Dollfie Dream sitting next to some dolls that have been cloned from actual ladies. Take a look at the video below to see Danny’s visit to the company to have his own doll created in his likeness.
It seems both are mostly in the business of making miniature heads and busts, but The Clone Factory seems to take it a step further by making actual figures as well as making 3D plaques of your furry little friends. It’s amazing what 3D printing can do. Just like with That’s My Face, the color is 3D printed onto the item, so they may also have the issues of water being able to wash the item clean of it’s paint. Also, it seems that The Clone Factory deals mostly with bodies made in Japan rather than use brand name doll and figure bodies like That’s My Face. So this gives you a variety of bodies to choose from. It seems that since The Clone Factory deals with mostly a Japanese market that the bodies they use have mostly an Asian complexion, so the bodies and heads seem to fit well together, but since I can’t find any other complexion to compare them to That’s My Face I can’t say if The Clone Factory impresses me more or if they have it easier only working in Japan were customers are less diverse. I can’t seem to find any figures with darker skin tones than just a peachy tone. I believe their figures use either action figure bodies or they use bodies like Obitsu or Volks bodies. So I still wouldn’t find a proper clone for myself through this service. Sad smile But it’s still a super interesting service. Also, it looks like the heads of their figures fit well on the bodies, that right there is super impressive to me. Another thing I love is that the dolls can be made where they can wear wigs. That just ads to the lifelikeness for me.

I guess I will stick to the idea of designing and printing original characters in different colored filaments. If I like the way my designs look, I’ll hopefully be able to sell my creations or at least the design for it. But first, I’ve got to decide on an OC. However, I do wonder if one day I will be able to have a 3D creation of myself. I could still go through That’s My Face and find a body and try to kitbash a body to work for it, but like I said, at the price and how fragile that face paint is, I just want something that is perfect right out of the box. The search continues!!!

And on that last chaotic note, I am off lovelies. I will talk to you all tomorrow. I'm getting older and better like fine wine tomorrow. My mom says she is making me a special cake. I'll be sure to share that fun with you all. Until then. Take care. Bye for now.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Skin Biopsy, No Bueno

footOk, so let me just tell you, for you sun bunnies out there, STOP! Just STOP! If you get a spot on you that needs to be check, you are so going to regret it. I’m not even a sun bunny and I regret…well…having skin on my feet. Ugh! OK, so when someone is coming at your foot with a needle and says, “You’re going to feel a prick and a sting.”, do not, I repeat, DO NOT assume that it will be like getting a flu shot, because it won’t. Omgggggg that was the most painful shot I have gotten to date, and I’ve had several painful shots. It was like you wanted to pull your foot away but you knew you couldn’t so you closed your eyes, bit down on your lips, make a little noise, and be slightly amused at how you can’t control your leg and foot from shaking. The P.A. told me it would hurt for 10 seconds then go numb. Longest 10 seconds of my life, I swear it! But once it was over, I was numb, even though it didn’t feel that way. I could still feel them touching my toe and moving it, but when he did the procedure, I didn’t even know he’d done it. It was over before I knew it, and she was putting on a Band-Aid and he was telling me how to take care of the hole until it heals. So while I wouldn’t want to do it again, it wasn’t that bad…after the longest 10 seconds of my life that is. Oh needles, why must you be so pointy? Thinking smile
And on that last painful not, I am off lovelies. My foot is starting to feel less numb, and well, I’m so not enjoying the feeling. Also, the cat, who has a foot fetish, especially with my foot, especially with the foot that got the biopsy, is on the hunt for foot, and I want to crawl under my covers and hide from her. I will talk to you all tomorrow. Until then. Take care. Bye for now.
ETA: Guess who just got a call from her doctor letting her know her thyroid is just fine? This girl!!! Woot!!! It’s going to be a very happy birthday for me! Open-mouthed smileBirthday cake