Friday, April 4, 2014

A Quick Box Opening

Hey guys, I have a few old reviews/box openings that I wanted to do, and just never got around to it. So I figured I’d get started with them so I can empty my computer of the pictures so I can take more pictures. Logical, right? Winking smile

So, ever since my sister got a Resinsoul Bei, I’ve wanted one to make into a mini cyber-goth. However, I’m wondering if she is just a bit to small to do that. I want to go into full detail with her, but in 1/6th scale it may just be to small. I’m going to try it though and see how it turns out.

Merry Christmas To Me!!!

So I ordered my girl, whom I’ve named Leia, during Junkyspot’s 2013 Black Friday event. I got her on the last day when everything on the site was, I believe, 20% off. Good price, so I snatched her up, and I was able to get her in tan.  Red heart


I think it’s so sweet how there are always extra little goodies included in your package from Junkyspot. When I finally open my shop I am so going to take a leaf out of their book and pop some goodies in all the packages I send out. Everyone loves a little something extra in their package.

Plastic Bag Mummy?

What??? No bubble wrap? Where is my mummy?!? Well I guess a plastic mummy will have to do. I love how she looks purple. I took the pictures as a rainstorm was coming in and it was starting to get dark outside.

Yep, Purple.

So purple. LOL! I am kind of bummed that they don’t come in baggies any more. They come with this big pillow now. I guess for when they are in their boxes or bags? *sigh* Oh well. I guess I should take her out more and then I won’t have to worry about where I store her. Just don’t know where to store her because sun peeks into my house at all angles even with the blinds closed. *sigh* I lead such a hard life. Winking smile

Much Better.

I decided to use the flash on my camera and it actually caught her in her right color. Maybe a little tiny bit washed out, but she’s so beautiful. I am not sure what direction I am going to go with her. I bought different eyes for her, not a fan of her default eyes. In the picture above with her wrapped in her pillows and surrounded by goodies, you can see a zip-lock baggie and that holds a wig cap for her and her new eyes. I got her some green eyes, but I am not sure if I will keep them. I may have to get her new eyes. I keep buying so much stuff for my dolls that don’t work out, but I just can’t get rid of them, always thinking I will eventually have a doll that can use them. LOL! But can’t wait to share her transformation here.

So my initial thoughts on her? I love her. She’s super cute, and has adorable elf ears. I am slightly bugged by how her mouth is done because one side kind of hitches up where they other side doesn’t. So not a fan of that, but I will get used to it. Also, her stringing is horrendous. I want to try to find some stronger elastic and restring her, along with Mori…I changed Midori’s name, and along with Christmas Noel. Their stringing is just too loose, and when I pull up on the strings they become kicky. I want to make them a little more fun to pose and play with. I know, first world doll owner problems.

I need to make a master to-do list and post it here on my blog, and that way I can knock them off here as I do them all. Super excited to jump back into dolls, toys, crafting, and more. I am going to also tinker with the blog some to make it a little more fun as well and perhaps get it ready to become my focus point. I’ve got plans and hope to reach most of them this year. Fingers crossed

Ok, and that’s all for now guys. I hope all of you are doing well, and another review/box opening is coming soon. Take care until next time.  Bye for now lovelies.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring: A Lovely Rebirth

Today was a simply stunning day. Blue skies with just a few wispy clouds floating by, the trees are blooming, the air smells amazing, and everyone is out and about. I have been lurking everywhere online and in life, licking wounds and dealing with my health, but now Spring has sprung, it's time to shake off the dust, figuratively and literally, and start living life again. So I have decided to start with some Spring cleaning. So much dust, so much clutter, I am so ready to purge things and get rid of tons of junk I really just don't need.

I have a blog post in my drafts that I need to post. It explains a lot about what I've been doing this past few months, as well as what I plan to do this year and in my future. I just need to work on it a little more before I post it. For now I just wanted to post a quick post to say hi and that I'm still here. I have plans for this blog and I hope to start working on them soon. Yeah, I do tend to hangout on Tumblr every day, but it's just not the same as my blog here. I think I can get things out more here and be more centered here. So expect to hear more from me and my "plastic crew" soon. Until then, I hope you are all enjoying Spring and the warming weather. Take care peeps. Bye for now. :-)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I Need Something

So I didn't do that big return I was hoping for, mainly due to the fact that I have been licking my wounds in private due to my breakup. No, it didn't end well, and just a few minutes ago I found out the hard way I am still very much angry over the whole deal. So I've decided to really throw myself hard back into my doll and craft hobbies. I always wanted to open a shop and plan to do so this year around Spring. I want to make some more inventory, get a PO box, work on my shop logo, etc., etc. I also plan on starting two of my three Youtube channels soon also. I just need to focus on other things rather than what I have been.

Puchi Collective Empire Dress
So the business I want to start is a clothing, accessories, and some props kind of shop. A main focus on clothing and accessories. The only problem I am having is which doll to sew for. I don't really want to be exclusive. I want to try being able to sew different items for different kinds of dolls. Right now I am working on Blythe Empire dresses and I want to try to make them for Monster High as well. I need to alter the pattern some so it will fit Monster High snugly. The Blythe size is ok, but it's not really fitted or tailored for Monster High.

I adore Blythe and how small and cute they are with their bobble heads, and I think that's why I equally love Monster High dolls as well. So I decided choosing those two to sew for right now was fitting. I think this will help me relax some and move on. I want to try getting a Takara Blythe this year. I have an ADG Blythe and a Blybe doll, but I really want a Takara one. I also still hope to happen upon a Hasboro Blythe, or even if it's just a head of one I can get a body for cheap so no worries there. But that would be a grail doll for sure. I just really adore the sweetness of Blythe and want to expand my collection of them. And since I will be getting rid of a lot of dolls later this year after I post my photostory, which has to be changed greatly because one of the characters was based on someone I no longer want in the story, I won't have any need for most of the dolls I have and will probably sell them as lots on Ebay or maybe as a category in my online shop. Oh, I also need to show you all the new dolls I've gotten lately. I haven't done much with them, but that will change this year as well.

So those are my plans for now. I want to take pictures of the dresses I sewed a couple of years ago and compare them to the ones I will make now. Hopefully my new ones won't make the old ones look amazing. :-) And on that note I want to wish everyone a belated Happy New Year and I hope all of you have been having a great year so far. I need to catch up with everyone so badly, just need to get out of this funk, but I will be back in top form soon. This year is going to be awesome. I just know it. Bye for now lovelies.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

I Can't Wait For Midnight January 1st 2014

Image From Free Digital Photos
Happy holidays ladies and gents, it has been a while. I have just been dealing with life. I almost said living life, but that's not the honest truth. Dealing with it is a much better way to explain things. I ended the year roughly 175 pounds less in the form of an ex-boyfriend that I am now very glad I am done with. I've had some time to think about what all has happened in the past couple of days, weeks, months, years, and I realize I did the right thing in letting him go. But that leaves me at a confusing crossroads as to what I want to do with my life and how I see the hobbies he judged me for. It took me some time, but I've decided to say "Forget him", and return to things I love, dolls being the main thing I want to return to.

So now that I've decided to return to dolls, what will I be doing? I've been brainstorming some plans, and I will be starting on them in January. I don't really want to say what they are now, so if they blow up in my face and I fail miserably, I'll be the only one to know and can just move on to plan B instead of embarrassingly admitting defeat publicly. LOL! The one thing I can tell you I am working on now is sewing. I really do want to start selling clothes for dolls this coming year. I love fashion and I have so many ideas for doll clothes.

I've collected some dolls to sew for and I plan to collect more, and I'm excited to try this venture. It's just I'm also nervous about it. What if no one likes my stuff? What if running a business is too hard? What if...well I don't know, what if something else goes wrong? But life is full of risks and I need to take more. I saw I took a big one trusting my heart to one of the nastiest people I have ever met, I literally though I would die from the pain he caused me, but I'm bouncing back and I made it through the worst. A business mishap or two, I think I can handle after what I went through with him. So I am putting on my big girl panties finally and charging forward towards this new venture. So super nervous. :-)

I've got so many things swimming around in my brain that I want to complete next year, I almost don't know where to start. I have given myself until New Year's Day to deal with the aftermath of my "175 pounds weight loss" and then I told myself it's time to stop mourning and move on. So yeah, there's one plan at least, the rest, I need to schedule out I think. I am a list person, so I need to make lists. Don't be surprised if some lists pop up here every now and again, I do well thinking out loud. ;-)

Wow, I've missed blogging so much but I feel like I've lost my blogging mojo. I know I will get it back over time, I just feel kind of odd now. I almost feel like I'm in a strange place. Time will change that. I will be back to regular blogging again in 2014. I want to say I'll blog everyday, and I guess technically I could, but I think it'd be pretty boring. I don't know. We'll see. I won't hold myself to it, if I do blog every day great, if I don't, no big. And this looks like a great place to close for now. I don't know if I will be back before the new year, so in case I don't get back I want to wish all my readers a very safe and happy New Year. Have fun, be merry, and get ready for 2014, it's going to be awesome. :-) Bye for now all.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Autumn/Fall!!!

Happy Season Change Day everyone! Did I just invent a holiday there? Awesome! But seriously, I am excited!!! I LOVE Autumn. The colors, the weather, the scents, the holidays, the everything. Only problem I have with the season is weather to call it Autumn or Fall.

Now according to Grammarist and Daily Writing Tips, both words formed in Britain around the same time, with I believe Fall being a slight bit older. It seems the season started off being called Harvest due to the time being where farms and growing your own food were a big deal. As cities began to become more of a big deal they needed a word that represented the season for everyone. So Fall, that hinted at fall of the leaf, was formed. It seems a short bit later Autumn was born. So what happened after that? Well the two words were used interchangeably for a while until the settlers left Britain for America, and along with them they brought Fall. Now folks back in the Britain feel the word Fall is archaic and poetic and folks in America feel Autumn is archaic and poetic. And while both words co-exist happily in most English speaking areas, one word tends to be more favored over the other. So I guess it just falls, hehehe no pun intended, down to the individual person. I prefer Autumn myself. It just screams colorful leaves, a nip in the air, warmer clothes, and pumpkin pie. Which one do you prefer? Tell me in the comments section, I'd love to know. And if you'd like, share where you are from to see if we can fine preference pattern. I'm from the U.S. where they tend to prefer Fall, but I'm an Autumn girl. :-)

But no matter what you prefer to call the season, it is officially here!!! Well, at least in the Northern Hemisphere. Sorry to all of you Autumn loving Southern Hemisphere folks, but hey, Happy Spring to you all!!! Spring is my second favorite season with all it's pastel colors, beautiful floral scents, and a nice change from Winter's harsh nip and colorless scenes. However Winter is my third favorite, so don't feel I'm giving it total hate. ;-) But do tell me, am I alone in this love of Autumn? Is anyone else out there excited over the potential this lovely season has to offer? You know, I love this season so much I can only find one thing wrong with it. I can't stand that fact that is has to end. :-( Oh well, I've got 3 months of awesomeness to enjoy, so I'd better make the most of it. :-D Let's the waiting for the first leaf to change color and fall countdown begin!!! ;-)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Seriously?! You can stop already!!!

Who needs good luck anyway?
Why?! Why do I ALWAYS have to be there when bad things happen?! So we've been getting work done on the house, and it just seems one bad thing after another is happening. This all started with a leaking faucet. If I would have just gotten my rear in gear so we could have a plumber come in, I don't think most of this would have happened.

So like I said, it started with one leaking faucet in the kitchen. We had to turn the hot water off at the tap and turn it on when needed. That went on for a while as we tried to sort issues over getting a plumber in. Well one leaking faucet turned into two once the cold water went bad too. So we were going to get a plumber in, except instead of that we ended up with a few remodels in the kitchen and upstairs bathrooms. The bathrooms went in, and the downstairs ended up flooded. The new kitchen counters went in and then the sink gets fixed, and its leaking. Before it gets put in though, when I reached under the sink a few days ago to turn the tap off, the pipe from the sink drain pops off. *eye roll* It was an easy fix, but it's nice to have the sink back together and I don't have to reach under it to turn it on, even though it still leaks. *another eye roll*  That plumber that put our new stuff in has been nothing but trouble for us.

Well the last straw was just now. I needed water. I wanted cold water from the Brita in the fridge. I go get the water, take a drink, and it's kind of warmish. I think it's just been filled so I grab the other one that's almost empty and get some water. I take a sip. Warmish again. I start grabbing things and feeling them. Hummm...they seem warmish. I call for a second opinion and that is where it is brought to my attention the cooling lights are off. Are you kidding me?!? Middle of the freaking night and our fridge died on us!!! And I, again, have to be the bearer of bad news. I get nervous when that happens because someone in this house tends to go from calm to spastic in .01 seconds. But I was surprised, it was a more of a "shit happens" kind of reaction with a small laugh. I was tempted to ask if they were ok, but decided not to tempt the Gods and get my tail out of there. Not sure what will be done now, guess we'll be getting a new one tomorrow.

It's just funny. One leaking faucet turned from a several hundred dollar plumber's visit into a several thousand dollar remodel and new appliance purchase. It's funny how life is funny like that. But I think I will keep to my room more for the next couple of days. It seems like every day I step into that kitchen something new breaks. Oddly enough, I don't think anything happened on Friday the 13th. Guess that was my day off. *sigh* Ok, just needed a quick "in disbelief" vent and rant. Thanks if you read this far. :-) I will be back to regular blogging here soon. I recently got a gift and it's going to help me with my blogging big time. More on that soon. Until then, be good. Bye for now. :-)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Getting Ready For Autumn

Image From Free Digital Photos
Who's ready for Autumn to start? This girl is! I can't wait to feel that nip in the air and see the leaves start to change colors. It has been such a mild Summer this year in NC, which is so surprising. One of my friends said he'd read that we are suppose to have a harsh Winter this year, so Autumn is looking like it will show up early this year. *happy dance* I am so looking forward to it.

So to get into the festive harvest mood, I decided to change the blog layout some. Subtle but fun. I am sure I will be tweaking it some over the next few days, but I am happy so far with it. So yeah, I'm a little early, but I can't help, I am just already in the mood. I'm hoping I've gotten you in the mood too. LOL! Bring on the cold!!! Ok, I will talk to you awesome people later. Bye for now. :-)