Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tired. So freaking tired.

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Quickkkkk update. I wanted to post about male fashions I found interesting and wanted to try making for our highly fashion-neglected 1/6 males, but the day got away from me and now I am just so exhausted, I am ready for sleepy time. But I wanted to make a quick update on me.

So I tried this sample of medicine my doctor gave me and it worked wonderfully, but it only had five pills and I quickly ran out. So I called last Friday for a prescription, but while they did record it, they never wrote it and sent it to the pharmacy. So they got me three more sample boxes that will cover me for 2 weeks and they are getting a prescription done for me. So hopefully tomorrow I will have a call telling me to pick it up. I plan to only be on these pills for 6 months because they can damage your body at a year of taking them. I need to really focus on weight loss, which I plan to do the bribing way again. I still have two vintage dolls waiting for me from the last time I tried to bribe myself. But that is for a massive weight loss, so I want little bribes along the way. I will put my bribe list up here on the blog so you can follow along.

What else? Oh, I learned in a very interesting way that a friend is Republican. Ok, so two things I tend not to talk about is religion and politics. We all have our own thoughts on both, I respect your right to believe what you want and just ask that you respect mine. I guess my friend didn't know where I stood on the political spectrum and she sent me a link to a video that is very insulting towards Democrats. She thought it was hilarious, and I just didn't see it as funny at all. It was creative, but not funny. I was shocked to find myself so insulted really since I try to take a far stance from politics, but I think today I found out a little bit about myself. It was an interesting and awkward moment that I quickly tried to change the mood of by asking what she'd been up to lately. Please, if you ever do talk to me, please let's keep politics and religion out of the convo. There are way to many things to talk about that won't step on toes that we can pick from as a topic. *sigh* I mean I won't be rude to someone if they do bring it up, but I will try to change the topic. It's just safer people, trust me.

On top of that I've learned a friend is having a hard time due to some things that weren't her fault.I feel really bad for her and I can't help her in any other way but be a listening ear. I was slightly shocked and touched that when I mentioned my health stuff coming up she was completely focused on me and trying to figure out how to get a ride to my appointments to be there as support. LOL! She's a sweetheart. I told her let's see how I feel on my birthday and she can come see me then and we can talk about the horrors of being stabbity-stabbed. Must call her back tomorrow to catch up more, had to say good-bye early...Project Runway was on. And omgggg the judges's decision got me really salty. Now I don't know who to root for to win, my choice was kicked. So sad. *sniffle*

And on weird last note I am off. I really want to lay down and maybe *gasp* go to sleep early tonight. Well early for me. We'll see. I'll let you know tomorrow. Until then, take care lovelies. Bye for now.

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