Monday, July 28, 2014

Becoming Too Lazy

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I think with the looming medical procedures next week I am becoming super lazy. I just watch Youtube videos or play my new video games. Not good. So I am going to force myself to get back on track. Right now I am still tinkering with condensing my online stuff so I can become more focused. Youtube is proving to be irritating. You can only subscribe to like 75 channels within a couple of hours and then you are cut off for a couple of hours. Their way of cutting down on spammy people, which is cool, but slows down the process. I should be done with Youtube in a few days. I guess in between waiting for the cool off period to end I could work on Tumblr. I am not sure if I am going to cut back on following people, or just put the ones I really want to watch into a rss reader so I can keep up with them better. I also want to do a blogroll here as well as another place to keep a list of people I am following and share them with you. I also want to make a...forumroll??? Basically a list of forums I am on. I could just have them in my bookmarks, I really need to explain why that's not a good idea right now? No? Thank you. ;-)

So yeah, I just keep telling myself, next week is coming regardless, might as well start working on some things so when the tests all come back as good I won't have wasted this time I could have been using for good. Just wish I wasn't so tired. Not sure if that is because I barely see the sun lately, staying up until 9 or 10 am and then sleeping until 3 or 4 pm, or the thyroid, or just my general health. I mostly see the night, which I had changed before I let a certain someone back in my life, staying up late again to text him. * sigh * I will get it all back on track. As my doctor says, it's all fixable.

And on that note I am off, back to sorting through these many channels I watch. I need to cut back on them. So many people are just so interesting and I want to follow them all, but in the end I miss out on them all because I follow so many people. Time for some people to get the cut. * sigh * Why must I find everything and everyone so interesting? LOL! Talk to you all tomorrow. Take care. Bye for now. :-)

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