Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pan the Faun. Oh yeah, and Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits. :-)

So in my attempt to continue to procrastinate instead of finishing this task with my email…yes I am still working on my freaking email people, I found the cutest doll I want to call mine.  I never will ,mind you, but a girl can dream.  Meet Pan the Faun.


Only 15 will be made worldwide and there at 12 left.  I doubt for long since he’s actually a decent price for a limited edition tiny doll.  At 4 inches tall and can fit Kelly and Tommy clothing and accessories this little guy is a complete package.  he comes with a free face-up, magnets in his horns, and random 12 mm eyes…he can fit 8mm-12mm eyes.  He’s got a special skin tone done just for him as well.  And if all that didn’t sell you just look at his sweet face.  So cute.  Yes, I am currently making grabby hands at the screen.  Ok, maybe not really, but I am doing deep dreamy sighs.  Oh well, at least I can enjoy him in pictures.  Smile Can’t wait to see owner pictures of him one day.  I doubt anyone has him yet because he just recently released and it takes 40 days to make him, but heck, no harm in searching Flickr right?  Smile

And I still need to take some pictures of my sister’s Bei.  Sorry no box opening of her.  My sister refused to do one.  LOL!  She just wanted to tear in and enjoy.  And yes I got to tinker so I could change her eyes, fit her wigs on her, and try some clothing on her.  I’ve already noticed some issues with her that I have to keep in mind when I start to make clothing for her.  She’s a very pretty doll.  Oh and to correct myself, she is not a Bobobie.  Not sure if anyone made a comment about this, yep still need to catch up on those too.  LOL!  But she is a ResinSoul doll.  Junky Spot just has them all lumped together under Bobobie.  She has her maker tag on the back of her head, a kind of rust color rubbery tag with an RS on it.  She’s super cute and has big feet compared to other 27cm dolls.  I know she’s in more proportion than the dolls we find on the shelves, but wow.  BIGGGG FEETTTT.  You will either need to buy shoes for her or make shoes for her.  I’m all for the making.  And since I will be getting a girl of my own some day, hopefully soon, I plan to use my sister’s as a model since she is kind of just laying on a shelf now not getting any attention.  I’m just doing her a favor and letting her girl get out some.  Smile  But I will have pictures of Bei soon.  I want to make some clothes for her before I take any.  Wait until you see her, she’s a cutie.  Smile

And that’s about it for this lovely Oct. 1, 2011 evening.  It’s chilly here today and I LOVEEEE it.  It’s suppose to get up into the 70s next week but then I think we are cooling off from there.  Heck yeahhhh!!!  Ok, I’m returning back to my email.  I’m almost done and then I can start on my comments for the blog finally.  So I’m back in lurk mode.  Be back soon.  Smile

Loves ya Red heart,

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