Monday, September 26, 2011

Bobobie 27 cm Bei

Hey guys and dolls, I’m back again today to keep my promise.  Smile  Ok so remember I told you that I helped enable my sister in buying her first ball joint doll?  She’s wanted one for years, almost as long as I have wanted one, but she didn’t want a big one.  She wanted one that was more like a fashion doll and around 16 inches.  We tried finding one but none of them she liked really.  Then after I did my Junky Spot order, which I wish I could give feedback for them because I was once again very happy with them, she decided to look at the website and see what they have.  She finally settled on Bobobie 27 cm March.  I too love March and was tempted to get her once upon a time.  That is until my sister introduced me to Bei.  I’m not sure if she’s fairly new or what, but when I was looking at the 27 cm girls before she wasn’t there which is why I settled on March because March had what I was looking for in a doll.  But then looking at Bei, I can see why my sister fell in love.  Bei is so on my list of wants.  I’m excited to get to see her soon, I’m thinking she should show up tomorrow and well of course baby sis is going to let older sis have a look and tinker.  Smile


Here’s Bei.  Isn’t she just pretty.  Love her.


Ok so this is March, I wanted to show you both of the gals for comparison.  I liked March because she had the elf/fairy ears and she was basically flat chested and would fit clothing for 1/6th dolls.  She’s still very cute but she doesn’t completely have the look I love but I was willing to settle.  But then I saw Bei and saw her soft look and how delicate she is, which is what my character is.  March looks a little more immature than I want my character to be.  So yes, I see a Bei in my future, and not just my sister’s.  LOL!  Of course I have threatened to steal Bei when my sister’s not looking.  What?  Purely for modeling clothing I am already on planning on making her.  Open-mouthed smile


This is the Korean made acrylic 14 mm eye she picked out for her.  It’s Light Green Gray (14LH05).  She didn’t get a wig because I told her about Liv doll wigs fitting.  She has an idea on what wig she wants to get but she has to track down the doll, which may not be easy.  But I will be on the hunt to try to help her find it.  Clothing and shoes she may have to wait on getting.  Clothing may be easier than shoes.  I hear those girls have got some big feet.  LOL!  I’ve been snooping around DOA to find some tutorials to help make some clothing for her doll.  I’m really ready to get back to sewing clothes for dolls.  I know I never showed the dresses I made last year around this time, because I felt they were crap, but I am going to do a little fashion show in the very near future to finally show you what they look like.  I just don’t feel they are selling quality.  I have taken some notes since then and I will be trying out some new ways to sew the dresses and see if I like them better, I think I will.  But first thing’s first.


I am taking a little blogging break.  I don’t want to disappear without saying something.  I am really tired of only being partly in the hobby and community when I want to be fully in it.  So I need to take a step back to get organized online, on my computer, and in life in general.  I promise to come back in a week, two tops, with some interesting posts and stuff to show.  Yay!  I might pop back in with a post or two before my “official return”  with some doll updates like the box opening of Bei and the update on my Bitty Bitsu customization.  So stay tuned!  And that’s it for this post.  Talk to you lovelies later.  Be good until next we meet.  Bye for now.  Smile

Loves ya Red heart,

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