Friday, September 16, 2011

A New Easy Bake Oven???

Hey guys!  So while surfing the web today I found a video that talks about the new Easy Bake Oven.  Now we all know the Easy Bake Oven has changed it’s look several times over the years, but this change is massive.  Why?  Watch the video below to find out.

Can you believe it?  Ok, quick recap for those who can’t see the video.  So the Easy Bake Oven is basically a kid’s toy where a light bulb heats up small batches of dough that children make and place inside the oven.  The heat is strong enough to bake the dough and create things like bread, cakes, cookies, and with recent ovens things like nachos.  But with the world trying to cut down on resource use, in a few months the bulbs used in the Easy Bake Ovens are being phased out and outlawed due to a law Bush put into action, and so now future Easy Bake Ovens will be bulbless.

This actually makes me so sad. I have and Easy Bake Oven from when I was a little girl.  I had planned to get my future kids a current Easy Bake Oven and also let them use mine, but from what I am understanding mine won’t be able to be used.  That is so sad, but I understand why it has to be.

So what now for the Easy Bake Oven?  Well now there is going to be a heating element put inside of the oven and it will be able to reach a temperature of 375 degrees.  So basically it will go from a cute and simple childhood toy to a slightly more dangerous appliance.  I still plan on getting my future kids an Easy Bake Oven, but now the innocence of it seems to be gone and it seems parents will have to watch just a little closer to make sure little fingers aren’t burned.  However, it seems this toy may be a bigger blast than the originals.  Take a look at this video to see what I mean.

So a quick recp, it seems not all is sad with the new Easy Bake Oven.  It seems that with the new heating element bake times will be shorter, baked items will be more evenly baked, there are more items that can be made now like pretzels and pizza, and the items baked are all trans fat free.  Now the one downer is that the oven is going to be about 20 dollars more.  But who knows, there might be a good deal on the ovens around Black Friday, Black Monday, or around Christmas in general so keep your eyes open if this is something you hope to pop under the tree at Christmas time for the little ones or yourself. Winking smile

I hope I do get a chance to share this toy one day with a potential daughter or son, yes I  am in the same boat with Paula Deen in feeling you can share this toy with your son(s) so get out there and get one for them.  Smile

I do wonder what I should do with mine now though.  Keep it for nostalgia?  See how long a weaker bulb takes to bake?  That’s if they will even fit in the thing.  *sigh*  Who knows.  For now it will stay in the closet waiting for that Christmas day my little one opens their Christmas gift and gasps in excitement over their new Easy Bake Oven and wants to bake with mommy.  Smile

And that’s all I wanted to talk about in this post.  I hope you all are having a lovely Friday that will lead into an awesome weekend.  Wait?  What?  It’s already the weekend again?  Wow.  If we blink Christmas will be upon us soon.  Crazy how fast time passes.  When I was a kid it couldn’t pass quickly enough. LOL!  Kind of wish time was that slow again.  Oh well, just means I’ll have to make better use of my time and enjoy every second of it.  Smile  Have a great one my lovelies and I will talk to you all again very soon. Smile

Loves ya,

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