Monday, September 26, 2011

Grady the Giraffe

So, anybody got $14.98 just sitting around burning a whole in their pocket?  Now, those of you who said yes, do any of you want to buy me something cool?  Ok, the two of you who said it depends on what it is, would you buy me this awesome giraffe?


Isn’t Grady awesome?!?  Well to be “PC” his full name is Grady the Giraffe, and I love him.  I mean honestly what’s not to love about it?  I mean first of all, he’s a giraffe.  Second of all, look at that retro vintage replica fabric he’s made out of.  And third of all, did I mention he’s a freaking giraffe?!?  I know right?!?  Wait?  What?  You aren’t that impressed with Grady?  Color not jazzing with you?  No worries.  Smile  There’s a Grady for everyone!   Observe.


So is this orange color more “a-peeling” to you?  Open-mouthed smile  Haha!!! Get it?  A-peel…oh you know what, forget it.  Geez, tough crowd.  Moving on.


Eeyore to overdone for you, but you still want something to help reflect your sad yet colorful emo-ish mood?  Then look no farther than this lovely blue gem right here.  Isn’t he awsesome?  What?  Flowers a bit much for your depressed mood?  Fine then.  I haven’t given up yet.


Perhaps something more sunny for those you who are mourning the loss of your beloved Summer.  It’s ok guys, only 6 more months and it will warm up again.  You can do it.  Smile  Come on, you’ve got to be looking forward to the bitter cold and blizzards some parts of the world are bound to have this Winter.  Smile  Humm, no?  *rolls eyes*  Ok, give me one more try guys.  I’ve got one more trick under my sleeve.


Pink, girlie, cute, and pretty all wrapped into one. What is not to love?  I ask you.  Honestly?  I mean what’s cuter than a guy not afraid to wear pink.  He’s awesome, n'est pas?  Humm, I’m starting to think that perhaps I’m the only one who loves as Grady as much as I love Grady.  I just don’t see why Grady doesn’t have an awesome following.  He’s super cute in all the fabric choices, and has a different personality for each one.  He’s unique almost like…ummm…hummm….Pokémon!  Yeah!  And you simply have to collect them all.  LOL!  Humm, collect them all.  Doesn’t sound half bad.  Hey the two of you from before who said you’d buy me a Grady for $14.98…could we possible make it all of them for $74.90 plus tax and shipping?  Open-mouthed smile  Hey, where are you going?!?  Sad smile  I still stand behind what I said before, tough crowd.  Winking smile

But seriously guys, I just had to make this post to share the awesomeness of Grady.  I think one of the main reasons I like him is because Grady for some reason makes me think of the name Brody, which is one of my dogs’ names.  And Grady seems like this silly big loppy animal kind of like our Brody.  Brody is big and loveable but also has his kind of silly look and way about him.  So I love Grady for that.  The vintage looking fabric also helps, I love the look of vintage fabric and vintage replica or vintage themed fabric.  So this guy is perfect for me…except for the price.  LOL!  15 dollars is a bit to much for me to spend on a stuffed animal, so I will just admire him from afar.  Oh and of course add him to my Pinterest for easy viewing of course.  LOL.

And now I am off my lovelies.  I am going to settle down and watch a movie or two before going to sleep.  My sleep pattern is off again sadly, and I need to work on sorting it back out before I am waking up around 5 p.m. again instead of 10 a.m.  I’ll worry about it tomorrow night.  Tonight it’s movie time.  Smile  Talk to you later.  Be good until then.  Bye for now.

Loves ya Red heart,

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