Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hey Guys Guess What?

No, seriously.  I started the day, no the weekend off on a good foot.  I have been trying to clear out my email so I will know when I get comments on my blog as well as knowing when people email me.  I currently have over 2000 emails lurking in my inbox and delete box that has to be cleared before the space is considered mine again.  So I figured a goal for the weekend, besides getting my crafty area clear was to empty the email box.  Crafty area got cleaned, yay!  Email box, still sadly packed full of so much stuff!!!  And there is stuff I want to read and the rest is annoying notices about things I no longer care about or don’t want to know.  Ugh!  So I am rooting through all that, and I planned to get it done in an hour or two.  Umm yeah, about that.

Seriously.  On Saturday cleaning took a while, then I started on the email…and then I got bored so I hit some chatrooms that bored me some more so I just read some Tumblr blogs to find out what happened to a beloved blog that was closed down and that lead me to some interesting places.  Yeah, that email inbox didn’t have a chance.  But I decided to do it tomorrow (today).  Yeah that’s until I learned while cleaning and watching tv that QVC was going to have 24 hours of Christmas stuff all day Sunday. What?  I LOVE Christmas, and we don’t do a lot of decorating here, and I just love seeing the stuff that’s out there.  I so plan to decorate for holidays and seasons when I get my own place.  And Christmas I am going all out.  LOL!  I’m more for the interior decorations than exterior because I’ll see it more than the stuff outside, and yes I am selfish it’s all for me. Smile

But I figured I could listen to QVC while cleaning my email.  Worked for a while until I suddenly remembered things I wanted to look up, so of course I did.  Then I had to join a new forum dealing around some personal stuff going on in my life to see how other people deal with it, and well of course I had to post, and then I had to read a few posts, and then I hit email for a few more minutes, but then my sister wanted to purchase a doll so of course I had to enable her to do that with a picture search, then the Extreme Home Makeover came on that was based in my city, so I had to watch that, then more QVC, then…well I think you get the idea.  So umm, yeah email cleaning was a bust.  I have so many emails I need to answer and get to but they are hidden in notices and emails about something on sale I don’t really want or need.  LOL!  Tomorrow I will do it.  I will only have my email open, put on some tunes, and take those emails out one page at a time.  By tomorrow night I hope to have all those emails taken care, emails needing responses answered, and a clean email box.  Yeahhhh!!!  No distractions.  I can do it…right?  Right!  Then I will hit my next to do that I’ve still not gotten to…you guys know what it is.  *sigh*  I’m such a bad blog owner as of late.  Sorry guys.  But yeah, tomorrow is another day.  Smile  I’ll update you tomorrow on my success of owning the email inbox, I’ll update you on my Bitty Bitsu that has finally told me her name, and I’ll let you know what doll my sister is getting.  Smile  Ok, talk to you lovelies later.  Be good until then.  Bye for now.  Smile

Loves ya Red heart,

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