Friday, September 16, 2011

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

Hey all!  So remember a while back, over a month ago, I told you about a doll order I was going to get from Junky Spot?  Yeah, well, if you’ve noticed I haven’t posted about it yet.  Why?  Because I haven’t bought it yet.  LOL!  And why is that?  Eyeballs.  No, seriously, eyeballs.


Yep, these right here, I want.  Can’t help it, me gusta.  And they are the reason I refuse to make my purchase.  And eight dollar pair of acrylic eyeballs.  Should I feel foolish?  Maybe not.  I mean if they are the ones you have to have then they are the ones you have to have, but something tells me they are not the ones I am going to get.  I emailed over a month ago to see if they would be getting these eyes back in sotck and Emory said yes they would, and I left it at that.  But looking at the Hujoo website I saw that they don’t even have the pink eyes on their website, so maybe they won’t be producing them any more?  So should I just make a change to the order and get something else?  Or should I just change my mind and get something not doll related?  At this point a Nintendo 3DS is looking very good instead.  LOL!  I kid!  Kinda.

The thing is, that the longer I wait to make this order the more I just don’t want to make it.  I’m talking myself out of it and I don’t want to do that.  LOL!  Anyone else have this problem?  I mean a month ago this all seemed like the birthday gift I wanted.  I knew it completely in my heart of hearts I wanted everything I planned to get.  Now I’m leaning towards not getting any of it and the order has changed several times and still is.  I guess my mind kind of changed when my sister did the seething gasp sucking through the teeth, you know what I’m talking about, when I mentioned the eyes cost $7.99.  I didn’t think much about it.  I mean I know doll eyes are expensive, even tiny ones that could easily be lost, but I knew if you wanted them you had to pay the price for them.  Doll stores want to make a buck too, and Junky Spot doesn’t charge much more than if you bought them from the Hujoo site, so what’s the problem?  Now before you start saying she’s the kind that sees the value of a dollar and likes to save money, let me put a stop to that now by saying this girl loves her video games and has a small list of pre-orders for games she may play once and then forget about.  60 dollars for one play through does not seem any crazier than 8 dollars for doll eyes I can use and reuse to my heart’s content.  But I don’t say anything to her about that because it’s her hobby.  But it still, of course, made me feel a little bad for wanting to spend 8 dollars on a pair of doll eyes.

I’m the kind of person that gets tons of input on something before I buy something, so of course I went to my mom and asked what she thought.  LOL!  She knows of my doll hobby and said if I had to have them then I had to have them.  Of course I didn’t tell her the price because I’m sure I’d get that seething sucking through teeth gasp from her too.  I just don’t see the problem with buying the eyes, and yet I still feel bad about even considering them. LOL!  Why though?  My money, my hobby, my choice.  I guess because logically I could better spend 8 dollars.  Geez if I wait for Denver Doll Emporium to restock I could get two pairs of eyes I like for the price of these one eyes roughly.  Granted I don’t like them as much as the pink, but still, that’s an option.  An option I have been searching for just in case the pinks don’t restock.  Knowing my luck, both sites will restock at the same time and then I will be stuck with another hard choice.  LOL!  I guess I should email Emory again to see if they are still coming.  I just don’t want to be pain.  I know it takes time to ship stuff, but you’d think they’d be in by now right?  *sigh*  Tell me people, how is possible to have buyers remorse before even buying?  LOL!  Oh well, I’ll keep you lovelies update on the purchase.  I’m thinking of making it this weekend, but I may drop one more quick email just to see if they eyes are still expected.  If so then I will wait just a hair longer.  Man I hope they are as awesome as they look online.  If not, I may just scream and put a pair of less than awesome pink Hujoo eyes up for sale. Winking smile

Have a great weekend you all.  Be good until next we meet.  Bye for now.  Smile

Loves ya Red heart,

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