Monday, January 21, 2013

Puchi Collective

Puchi Collective
So I must have the worst luck when it comes to patterns, because I can never get them to print right or I can't figure out how to use them. So when I printed the Blythe Empiredress from Puchi Collective, I was bummed all my attempts to make one just didn't turn out.

Empire Dress Tutorial
It wasn't until I found Cris Shida's blog that I finally understood what I was doing wrong. It was the bodice and lining that was throwing me off, and once I sorted that out I was able to whip up several dresses with ease. Now that I am returning to sewing again, and Empire dresses are in my near future for sure, I will be falling back on Cris' tutorial. If you are having issues with the pattern, try looking at Cris' walk-through, I'm sure it will be that missing link you need.

Party Dress Tutorial
Now fair warning, the site is in Spanish I believe, there is another tutorial in English on “Oh StrumpetsAnd Blythe Too”, that is for the Party Dress pattern but it's the same concept, and I just found it recently but wanted to give notice to the person who actually taught me. However, if you prefer an English tutorial you can find it here and here, but Cris has put many pictures that show you clearly how to do it. So let me know if these tutorials helped you any. I know that I am very glad I can across Cris Shida's blog and now know how to successfully make that dress. :-)


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