Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Dream Craft Room

Picture By Just Claire
What would your dream craft room be like? I've often stopped to think about this, and have come to some conclusions about my dream craft room. First of all, it would have to have either laminated, tiled, or wood flooring. Hell, even cement flooring would be fine. I don't like carpet flooring, and I hate it even more in a craft area. Crafting is a messy job and I want to be able to clean up quickly and not have to pull out the vacuum cleaner, or get on my hands and knees to pick up threads or paper that have fallen onto the floor. I think I would prefer a wooden floor the most, in a light sandy stain.

Now with these lightly stained floors I would want white walls or pastel painted walls. I want something pale and calming because crafting can be stressful so I need something relaxing surrounding me. Crafting is my “me time”, so I want to be as relaxed as I possibly can be. I'd also like to have on the walls some unique pictures I've collected over the years, maybe some vintage prints, some crafts I have done or will do, and an inspiration board that is part white board or chalkboard and part magnetic to attach inspiring things to it with magnets, that I of course made.

Next I would focus on storage. That is my main problem, no storage, so my craft area can look chaotic at times. I'd love bookcases for fabric and supplies, displays for things like ribbons and scissors, maybe a craft table that has storage in it as well. And perhaps some things to make organized storage in the closet.

Once storage is taken care of, I would then focus on filling the space with crafty yumminess like colorful paints and ribbons, folded and color-coordinated stacks of fabric, odds and ends of various degrees, a space for my computer and a tv and radio, and a comfy chair or even a daybed to relax on to do handcrafts or sketch or relax after a stressful craft failure or read up on my new crafting adventure.

I think this would all be the perfect makings for my perfect craft room. I don't need much, just a place for everything, a place to sit and craft, and a calming atmosphere. Now I ask you, is that too much to ask for? :-) So tell me, what's your craft room dream? Tell me in the comments below.


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