Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Oz The Great And Powerful

So I am so not up on the latest coming out of Hollywood, but I just found an article on Buzzfeed showing off the movie posters for this movie, Oz The Great And Powerful. I thought I had heard about an Oz movie coming out, but then it slipped my mind until today. These posters are really mesmerizing and beautiful. Take a look.

But here's my question, is it a comedic drama, or a comedy. In watching the trailers, I can truly see how music sets the mood. In the first trailer, you get a very epic Harry Potter-ish feel. You just know this is going to be “the” fight of good vrs. evil. But in the second video, it seems almost like a Beetljuice kind of creepy comedy. Now I truly believe the tone will be more like Alice In Wonderland where it's more of an epic drama with funny bits thrown in, but the last trailer just throws me off the track. Perhaps that is what they want. It seems Disney is trying to hide the fact about who will become the Wicked Witch, so maybe these trailers are to throw you off how the movie will really be, thus making you want to see it to satisfy your curiosity. Just my guess. Take a look at the trailers to see what I mean.

So it seems this will be a story about Oz himself and how he becomes Oz. It also seems to show the background story of the witches and about who becomes the Wicked Witch. Now being a fan of Wicked, this story kinds of throws me off as well. I mean, I thought we knew who was the Wicked Witch. Yes, while Oz is the same world in a lot of stories, I guess it can be a different universe for others to play in. So I get it, but still, throws off everything I've believed up until now. LOL! So it does have me curious about Disney's vision on which witch is which. LOL! So, any of you interested in this new tale of Oz? Do you plan to see the movie? I think this movie will be a "wait for it to come out on DVD" for me, but I am still curious to see it. :-)

I just wanted to share this fun find with you guys. Anyone else seeing Oz dolls in our near future? I wonder what they will look like? Mattel did amazing with Johnny Depp with their Alice In Wonderland dolls and Pirates of the Caribbean dolls, so I'm sure the Oz dolls will be amazing as well. And who knows, maybe new held sculpts? Only time will tell. And on that note I am off peeps. I will talk to you lovely people later. Be good until then. Bye for now.

Wishing to visit the land of Oz,

Images From the Oz The Great And Powerful website.

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