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Blythe Dresses On Etsy

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So one of the things I want to start doing this year is promoting other doll peeps who I find interesting. I kind of feel like I am walking into mucky waters with this one because while I want to give notice to those people who I find interesting, I don't want to insult others by not mentioning them first, third, or even at all. So I will just put down the “cone of safety” on each of these posts. LOL! These posts are in no way to insult anyone, they are made to encourage purchasing of awesome dollie items I find and possibly help a handmade artist in the meanwhile. :-) And now that the cone of safety is on * insert cone of safety sliding sound here * let the awesomeness commence.

My first search was for regular size Blythe dolls since I currently have that size doll. I think Blythe dresses are so adorable. They are so tiny and cute. I have a fascination with tiny clothing. It amazes me how much attention to detail is put into such a tiny piece of work. I think this is the second thing that drew me to Blythe, the first being her cute bobble-head of course. So while hunting around Etsy I found some cute selections for our lovely girl. Take a look at the selections that jumped out at me. Click on the pictures to be taken to the dress sale page.

Blue Bear Dress
This one is super cute with the fuzzy bear applique, a perfectly warm dress for Winter for your Blythe doll. I love that a warm fabric was used to make this dress as well. You can't help but feel warm when you look at it. The whole outfit is super cute, but just keep in mind this sale is just for the doll dress and not the cap. And take a look at another version of thedress, sadly it's sold out, but I love seeing other versions of doll clothing I like.

Pink Elephant Dress
Ok, I can't decide if the pink dress caught my attention, the cute red-headed Blythe, or a mix of the two. I think it was both honestly. But let's focus on the dress, shall we? :-) So this dress is precious pink gingham with delicate rickrack at the bottom skirt edge. The bodice is a matching pink with white elephants on it. I am particular about patterns matching, but sometimes mixed patterns just work, and in the case of this dress, it works. A great Spring or Summer dress for your prized gal.

Antique Effect Dress
This one is another one of those “is it the dress or doll that appeals to me” kind of deals. It's both again. Her customizer does some amazing work. She looks so sweet and innocent. Love. But back to her dress, another warm one for Winter or Fall. This piece seems to be a bit involved being dyed for an aged look. The fabric starts off completely white and you can have the dress customized to your liking. Very cool. It has an adorable flower at the waist of the dress that can also be customized to your liking. A very pretty dress.

"Children Everywhere" Dress
This next dress is made with “kawaii” Japanese fabric. You get a dress and a tiara/headband. So this fabric makes me think of “It's A Small World” with all the children. And I'm not far off because the dress is called “Children Everywhere”. This sale is for the blue dress only. It's funny, the girl wearing the blue dress is the one I like most of all too. I'm a sucker for the gingers. The tiara, more like a headband to me, is beaded with a bow in the same fabric, a perfect accessory.

Mexican Skull Dress
This Mexican Skull dress is a very cool fabric. A very simple but pretty shift. Perfect for Summer. It's sadly a bit hard to see the dress in all it's glory, but from what I can make out, it's really funky. The bright colors in the skulls pop against the brown background. Very cool indeed. I love how simple this dress is but how the fabric makes it anything but boring.

These next few dresses are for the Blythe Middie. Middies are fairly new to the world of Blythe and because of that you won't find many items for them just yet. Give it some time and let the craze catch on some more. Here are some selections I really liked.

Vintage Style Flower Dress
I love this dress. The fabric is so cute, makes me think of Mori Girls. You get the dress and I believe the brown lace hair ties. Everything about this dress just screams “precious” at me. It has a vintage feel that I just love. The whole shop has that kind of feel to it, and I believe the whole shop has a “Mori Girl” theme to it.

Garden Dress With Coat
This next one is bright and colorful. It's two separate pieces that could be worn together or on their own. I love this little girl also. Her custom face-up makes her look so sweet and charming. She makes every outfit look pretty. I think this is another case of loving the doll and the dress as well.

Russian Doll Dress
This dress comes with a little matching jacket. The fabric is super fun with Russian dolls all over it. The bow at the waist pulls it all together. I love it when you can get a complete outfit from a purchase. This will look lovely on any of your mini gals.

"Little Girl" Smock Dress
I love the dresses in this shop. The fabric choices are super cute. I love the wide open neck holes as well. This one is fun with a girl listening to music. Well, I guess it could be an audio book as well, I'll let you decide. This just shows how well Blythe dolls look even with bigger patterns. Cut just right, you can have super cute dresses and shirts for your gals and even your guys.

"Ketchup And Eggs" Dress
Ok now this dress has to be one of my favorites. Why? One, it looks so vintage. Two, it's made from vintage fabric. Three, it has coordinating fabric and rickrack. Four, its super cute. And five, it's called Ketchup and Eggs!!! Don't care what you say, I love fried eggs with ketchup on them. LOL! So yeah, this dress is awesome. LOLLL! She even has one for your bigger girls here. Ketchup and eggs for all!!!

And now we get to the tinies of the Blythe family, the Petite Blythe doll. These dolls are super tiny and super cute. Even the Littlest Pet Shop versions are cute. I believe they are roughly the same size, but are still different from each other. But these clothes should work for Petite Blythe dolls, LPS Blythe dolls, Little Dal dolls, and Little Pullip dolls as well. It's a little trickier to find Petite Blythe clothing because of their small size and mostly what I found were patterns for sale instead of actual clothing, but here are some great selections I've found.

Creepy Cute Face Dress
This dress is super cute. This looks like a scary face on a pink background. I love the big print, for such a small doll. I love that it has a neckline, waistline, and hems. Can you imagine how tiny they are? Very cute. This one makes me want a Little Dal doll.

Valentine Dress Trio
This next one is a set of cute dresses. Hummm, everything is turning out cute for me. LOL! But these simple shifts are perfect to start a Petite Blythe wardrobe. They have coordinating ribbons and rickrack, very nice details on something so small, and they look like they will be mini-dresses on your dolls. Perfect Summer dresses for your tiny girls.

Cute Panda Bear Dress
The panda on this dress is so sweet. I love the red gingham skirt too. It fits your tiny Blythe, Dal, and Pullip dolls perfectly. It seems that large prints are the go-to item for small dolls. But you have to admit, it does look cute on them.

Cute Skull Necklace Dress
This dress has it's own accessories, or at least it gives the look of it. This dress is black and white, which is a great combination of hues for a simple dress. I love the model for in this, yep another loving the dress and the doll deal. Makes me think of a sweater dress. I'll admit it, I covet sweater dresses. I will own one some day, mark my words. Until then I guess my dolls will have to wear them for me. This dress has the added benefit of a print that looks like a cool necklace. Love this look.

Limited Edition Kitten Dress
Now the original dress I wanted to post for this one had a mouse and cheese on it...what, I love anything with mice on it. But then I found this dress in the same shop and loved it too. It's a limited edition, so once it's gone it's gone. I love the fish skirt, so perfect for this dress. You have to see the other dresses in this series. Mouse. Pig. Bee. Cute, right? If you want this kitty one, you need to pounce it now, wow pun so not intended, these dresses sold quick. In fact it may be sold as of now. But hey, is that really shocking? I mean come, it's super cute. Ugh, said it again. LOL!

Well that's it for this post. I want to try visiting different websites and shops in future posts like this. And don't worry, they won't be all Blythe posts. Remember, I love all kinds of dolls, so I must show all kinds equal love. ;-) And on that note I am off my lovely peeps. I hope you are all doing well and I will talk to you all very soon. :-)


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  1. Wow, I really delighted to see your images. I love this charming doll and just collected my new Blythe doll at PIJ. I am really happy to get this :D


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