Friday, January 4, 2013

43 Things – Hobby Version

So there is a website called 43Things, where you make a list, of 43 things, and you try to complete that list. You complete the list on your own time, and you can either set up certain times to do things by or just do them on your own. I loved this concept and of course signed up...and then did nothing about the list except for one thing that I then turned around and stopped doing all over again. LOL! But I thought about my list and returned to it and wow, that's a lot of stuff I want to do. It would be over my lifetime that I would do it, so no rush to finish it, but I want to knock some stuff off it this year for sure.

This got me to thinking about the doll goals I have in mind for myself, and I thought to myself, why don't I make a 43Things list for my doll and craft hobby. Granted on my original list there are some doll and craft related things, of course, but this will be a fresh list to focus on along with my other list. So here goes, 43Things, the hobby edition.

  1. First and foremost, finish those Christmas gifts. I've been putting them off for WAY to long.
  2. Crochet a yarn wig. I just want to try it.
  3. Crochet some fingerless gloves for Midori. I want to just try this one also.
  4. Clean my craft area.
  5. Practice face-ups on dolls.
  6. Learn how to draw.
  7. Work more on learning how to sew, knit, and crochet.
  8. Do something doll clothing swap related I meant to do a couple of years ago.
  9. Work on my shop logo.
  10. Work on my shop layout.
  11. Work on my blog layout.
  12. Start blogging more.
  13. Open my shop finally.
  14. Do some tutorials.
  15. Start visiting doll blogs again and commenting.
  16. Start visiting craft blogs again and commenting.
  17. Finish my first doll photostory.
  18. Sell off photostory props I know longer need.
  19. Do something about old doll magazines I no longer need.
  20. Start new doll photostory/webcomic
  21. Start visiting doll forums again and getting more involved.
  22. Start visiting craft forums again and getting more involved.
  23. Clean up my email so I can use it to stay in touch better.
  24. Root my sister's Obitsus
  25. Finish rooting Liv doll wigs.
  26. Sew a wig for Midori.
  27. Find new elastic and restring Midori and Christmas Noel
  28. Give a face up to Disco
  29. Finish up old sewing projects.
  30. Start designing clothing I want to sell.
  31. Build up a shop inventory.
  32. Find out about SP, this is a more personal thing but it does deal with my shop so I will list it.
  33. Write more doll articles. Love writing about doll stuff, I'll have to post some stuff here.
  34. Clean up LJ blog to x-post in Google-friendly way.
  35. Take better pictures.
  36. Do my videos for my Youtube channel.
  37. Work on my Tumblr blog layout.
  38. Work on my website layout, it's been the same since 2008.
  39. Start working on creating patterns, it's been a passion of mine.
  40. Work out shipping for shop, I would prefer flat rate to keep shipping simple. Hummm.
  41. Expand my doll collection. Once I sell off a lot of my props from old story I can do that.
  42. Start working on my Dds, more on that when I get to it.
  43. Start using Twitter more, I am still a noob with Twitter and I've been on it for years. :-(
  44. Go to a doll meet.
  45. Buy my mom a bjd. I know she'd like one and I'd love to buy her one.

So I add two more because I was on a roll, and they are all a jumble. I won't be doing them in any order, but these are some things I want to take care of when it comes to my doll and craft hobbies. A lot of this I can do this year, but some may have to be pushed to early next year. But I will bust butt to get most of the list done this year and will update you as I complete things. On my original 43Things list, I replaced an item I did with something else so I was always striving for something new to do, but I think with this list I will just mark things off and when I complete everything that is when I will start a new list. Consider starting your own 43Things list, it may help you get more productive and help you see a goal you have in mind. It doesn't have to be doll related either. You could always make a list on the website, which is cool because you can see how many other people have that goal and it makes you feel less alone on your journey. I'm excited to get started on my list. I started on one item already that I will talk about in my next post. I want to take some pictures and explain what I am doing exactly.

And on that lovely note, I am off peeps. I want to get started on my list and share the one thing that I did start on. I want to try working on it a bit more before sharing, but I will do so in a day or two, promise. I hope everyone is having a great day and I hope you all have an awesome weekend. Take care and bye for now.

Feeling inspired,

Images From 43Things

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