Friday, January 11, 2013

Doctor Woes

Ok, so I will admit it, when it comes to going to the doctor or the dentist, I am a big scaredy-cat. I mean I am so bad I am already training my boyfriend to be prepared to come with me to my appointments and hold my hand. Honestly once I am at the place and the appointment is set into motion, I calm down some because “it's almost over”, but the days and even weeks leading up to the appointment is pure stress for me. Especially since this appointment was literally a year overdue. I canceled my appointment last January and just never made a new one. I knew there would come a time I'd have to go back, and finally it came through that I couldn't get my thyroid medicine if I didn't go back and see my doctor. Ughhhh!!! * rolls on floor moaning in despair * Whyyyyy??? I don't wanna!!! Yeah, that was me when I learned I had no choice but to go.

So today was the day finally. I was in and out in roughly an hour and a half, and my doctor is behind me on the gluten-free diet, that I am still on, and suggested some other ways for weight loss. She really feels, like I do, the weight is causing the stress, anxiety, depression, and ill feelings I have. So potentially a lot of this can be reversed. Sadly, not the hypothyroidism, but the other stuff like the hernia I am 99.99% sure I have. I wish the thyroid thing would go away. I know I will always have that illness, but I've read that your thyroid can start working again, but it could always “malfunction” again too so you have to be checked every six months just in case. This of course stresses me out some due to thyroid problems leading to other issues that could potentially affect my life in negative ways. But the new mantra I am taking on is this year is “I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.”, it's been working good so far.

She also told me I need to stop worrying about other people and focus on myself. So much stuff has been going on over the past year alone and while I wish I could help everyone, I realize now I need to just focus on myself. I can't help everyone, sadly, but I can help myself. So that is what this year is going to be about. The year of the Mouse. LOL!

So yeah, I go back to see her in March, I believe on my parent's anniversary actually. She wants to see if the things she is having me do is helping any. I hope they will be working by then. One cool thing, I was 7 pounds less than the last time I was there. Granted it doesn't make me happy because I am back to the weight I always get stuck at, but its cool to know I weighed less than I did last time because hopping on the scale that day stressed me out to no end. But this time I just told myself, “Hey I know my weight is up, they know my weight is up, so why stress over it.”, and would you know this was the first time they checked my blood pressure in the stats room and it was normal. LOL! Usually it is high in the stats room and then is normal once I see the doctor. So hey, progress. :-D Let's hope I keep the “good times” coming. Fingers crossed tight.

Happy to have one major bridge crossed for the year,

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