Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gentle River Blythe

Image By Stacy Z
So my most coveted Blythe doll has to be Gentle River. She's a limited edition Blythe that I have no chance of getting, but seeing pictures of her again today reminded me of how much I loved her. I'm not sure what exactly it was that attracted me towards here. I think the one thing that caught my attention was her hair. I loved the blend of deep red hair with what looks like bits of dark burgundy and a lighter reddish-brown color. I love that mix of hair for some reason. I love red-headed dolls so she just really appealed to me. Next were her shocking red lips. Just so bold and eye-catching, but it all matched perfectly with her little outfit. Very cute. She was just so unique and different from the other dolls I've seen. I've loved her since she was released and have coveted her ever since. Her price is sadly to high for me now, but I can at least enjoy her through owners pictures. Take a look at her introduction video and these great pics. 

Image By Melaine
Image By Buttontree Lane
Image By FuturoWoman
Image By Buttontree Lane
Image By GizzyPooh
Image By Valeri Passon
Image By GizzyPooh
Image By Puppet
Image By Squirrelly Mae
Image From This Is Blythe
Isn't she beautiful? I've seen some wonderful customizations of her as well. She looks so different, but that red-hair still seals the deal for me. Maybe I don't need to the full girl to be happy, maybe I just need the scalp. LOL! Well who knows, maybe one day I will find the scalp for sale at a decent price and then I can make my own Gentle River. :-) Hey, a girl can dream. ;-)


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