Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Way To Waste A Day

So I of course want to have more planned/scheduled days so I don't waste my days doing nothing. Today, however, I knew would be a wasted day. For those of you who don't know, on occasion I will play a game called Guild Wars 2. My sister is addicted to the game, but I am more of a casual player. There was a Winter event going on and I thought it ended on the 13th, when it actually ended on the 3rd. Yikes! There were things I wanted to do before it ended. So I spent all evening working on it, then in the end I didn't do what I wanted to do and ended up wasted a lot of the items I was grinding for. Ugh! Oh well, I got something I thought I had to choose between and missed out on something I wouldn't have really used that much anyway. So I guess it wasn't a totally wasted evening.

But I didn't get anything done like cleaning or sorting or anything. I guess that's how things go sometimes. Oh, but I did have my first fully gluten-free day today. I'm still a little winded at times, but no stomach pain. No feeling horrible no sooner I started eating or afterwards. *whimper* Do I really have issues with gluten??? While I was glad I didn't feel horrible, I felt horrible because I didn't feel horrible. Need to reread that line again? Go ahead, I'll wait.

Got it now? Cool. So basically it hit me that I am facing, yet again, another permanent change in my life. First it was the thyroid pills, and now going gluten-free? I mean I wanted to change my lifestyle, but this is still a bit hard to swallow. I'm also ticked I didn't stick with it when I started last time. But I've grown some and realize this time that going gluten-free doesn't have to be a horrible experience. It can't be, it's for life. So yeah, time to pull out and dust off all those gluten-free living books. I believe I have 5 of them. That should be enough to get me started.

What else did I do today? Oh yeah, I just found the coolest shop. Since it's an Etsy shop, I count it as crafty and so I shall share it here.

Size XL Fern and Baby's Breath Resin Bangle. Red and Green Pressed Flower Bracelet. Plus Size Bracelet with Real Flowers

I am trying to clean out my email again, and one of my more recent emails was from Etsy. The first image that caught my eye was this amazing and pretty bracelet from SpottedDogAsheville. This stunning clear resin bracelet is made by Sumner Smith, and crafty gal from Asheville, NC. I love finding crafty people in NC, and I can't wait to buy from her shop one day when I have the funds to do so. She makes all kinds of jewelry. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings that can be bought as is or made to order. I had a real hard time picking an image to post in the blog, so I decided for the one that brought me to her awesome shop. She is also on Facebook. Check her out, if anything, to see her amazing pieces.

And that's about all I did today. Nothing exciting, and sadly nothing doll related. But perhaps I will get to tackle something doll related tomorrow. We'll just have to wait and see. And on that note I am calling it a night. I think I may catch up on a Korean drama some and then head to bed. I hope you are all doing well and having a great start to your year. I will talk to you lovelies soon. Bye for now. :-)

Feeling sleepy,

Watch Image From Free Digital Photos
Bracelet Image From SpottedDogAsheville (It is linked to it's sale page.)

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