Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Oz The Great And Powerful Dolls

See, I told you I was so out of the loop. Seems the notice of these dolls have been out since last December. What do you guys think? The Wicked Witch is interesting. I wouldn't mind owning her, but only to keep in her box for decoration. Which witch do you like?

So you know who I'd love to see as a doll out of the movie? The actual china doll. She's super cute and pretty and I'd love to have her. I'm not sure if I'd want her in china or in resin. Resin, I feel, would allow her to be played with more, but china would look so pretty and delicate. :-)

So tell me what you all think of the dolls. Pretty and accurate? Or not really impressive? I don't know, the other two dolls just look generic to me. I would only get the Wicked Witch because she's so different that what you can find on the shelves. But sadly she's only be placed in my closet because I don't have any room to display my boxed doll collection right now. But it would be nice to have her.

Now in doing a bit more research, I found that Target and Toys R Us have a line of Oz dolls that you can get on pre-order right now, and they have their own version of China Doll, but of course she is in vinyl, or perhaps abs, which isn't bad, but I think I'd enjoy her more as an actual bjd. Take a look at these dolls, now they are a more of a generic take on what the characters should look like instead of what the actors actually do look like.
Which dolls do you like best? I am not a fan of either set really but I like the Wicked Witch, China Doll, and Oz the best. But I would probably only bring home the Wicked Witch and China Doll. And if I had to choose between those two then just China Doll. LOL! So it seems Mattel won't be jumping on this train? I don't believe the dolls up top are made by Mattel, but actually made my Disney themselves. Kind of a bummer actually. I think Mattel would have done the face molds a little more justice and made them seem a little less generic, but I'm just picky I guess. Tell me what you think about the dolls. Plan on picking any up? Which ones?

And on that note I am off everyone. I am super tired lately and just haven't had energy for much. I think it's time for a nap. :-) Hope everyone is doing fine and I will talk to you all soon. Bye for now. :-)

Waiting for Mr. Sandman,

Images From Toys R Us and The Disney Store


  1. I like the Target/Toys R Us dolls much better than the Disney Store dolls. I think the faces are more stylized and looks better for the scale. The Disney Store Michelle Williams looks terrible! I really like the James Franco doll and think I might get him.

    Thanks for sharing this, I've never seen the Target/Toys R Us dolls before.

  2. Though I'm not usually a fan of blonde or of Glinda, I really like that boxed Glinda. But maybe only because her face reminds me of Jeanine Garofalo. I really can't stand Franco, but I'll totally get this Oz doll!

  3. I should mention that I found there's also a Disney store James Franco doll. His head is smaller and I think his coat is oversized. I was looking into buying the Target version yesterday, but the shipping was too high. They're not showing up as in the stores yet, and according to Toys R Us they're listed as a pre-order until the 15th of March. I wonder if Target had him to ship, or would have made me wait until the 15th even though he was listed as in stock.


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