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Free Fashion Doll Sewing Patterns

So as I am waiting for a good chance to clean my crafting area, I have been spending some time searching for patterns to sew for my dolls. I have decided to start with my 1/6th fashion dolls. I was on Pinterest the other day looking for some nice patterns, and I got lucky. Here are some fun free sewing patterns for Barbie and dolls of her size.

Jess From “Craftiness Is NotOptional” did a full week of Barbie clothes tutorials. Her professional looking clothes can easily be whipped up to form a new wardrobe for your dolls. You can find her Barbie clothing tutorials week here.

Looking for something a bit more retro? Take a look at these patterns from Frugal Abundance. There are patterns based on 60s and 70s fashions. You can access the patterns here.

Denisa from Molendrix loves to create and sew period pieces for her various dolls. She has several sizes of patterns on her website that you can download and create. A lot of her period pieces are pieces that can easily be made modern with different uses of color and fabric. You can find her patterns here.

ArteE Croche is a blog I believe is in Spanish, don't quote me on it but I do believe it is. This blog offers several free Barbie patterns for you to use. I personally like the top dress and the top pair of jeans. Also the clothing for the bjd further down is interesting as well. If you have been searching for a good wedding dress pattern, this blog has two of them. Check those patterns out here.

Perestroika has been around for years in the doll hobby selling pattern cds. But the site also offers some free and patterns for you to make for your dolls. From panties to socks to even a vest, you'll have fun whipping these fun clothing items up. Take a look at their free patterns here.

Did you know All Crafts has a doll pattern section? They do. And they have a collection of free clothing patterns for various size dolls. You get a good collection of patterns on this website. Check out their free pattern section here.

MissB. Couture makes some of the prettiest doll fashions, and she shares her patterns with us. Her patterns are easy to follow, easy to alter for different size dolls, and look great when finished. Have a look through her blog of patterns here.

Janel from Janel Was Here also makes some beautiful doll clothing and offers free patterns. She offers pretty dress patterns for a variety of doll sizes. They are all pretty and I can't wait to try a few. Have a look at them here.

I learned about Emby Quinn years ago through cartoon dolls and KISS dolls. I was super excited one year surfing through her website to find these doll patterns. They look like fun wardrobe staples that you can get very creative with. I've printed them out before and I'm not sure if I printed them wrong or if I needed to add seam allowances, my early days of sewing, but you may want to keep that in mind when you download. It says on the site to make sure that the box on the pattern measures out to an inch. I checked mine and it did, but maybe I still needed seam allowances. I'll have to revisit these patterns again. Check them out here.

Now I am sure you will have to alter the patterns from Jessica Tromp's site because they are for another doll, but if you are good at altering, these girlie dress will be fun to whip up. Being more period pieces that can be given a modern twist, I would love to try my hand at these. I am not overly girlie, but my dolls tend to be. I think these would be fun to make. Check out the free patterns here.

Looking for a quick Spring/Summer wardrobe for your doll? Then Ina from SkyTurtle has got you covered. She offers you patterns for a t-shirt, dress, shorts, and Bermuda shorts to mix and match and alter as needed. This fun set of patterns seems to be easily sewn up in a lazy afternoon. Check out the free patterns here.

Now this next set of patterns is a bit confusing. It's in a different language, but it seems someone took a book or magazine with patterns in it and posted them online. If you are good at sewing you'll probably be able to make out the parts. I think the language on the pattern pieces may be in French, so they should be easy to translate to figure out what they are. If you are determined enough, then these fun pieces may be perfect for you. Take a look at them here.

This next set of patterns is in a different language as well. Now it gets confusing here again. The site is in Korean but I believe the patterns are in Japanese. LOL! Very interesting. Now if you are used to figuring out Japanese patterns, these patterns will be easy for you to understand. Japanese patterns tend to be very good and showing details about how to do something. Now the only issue I see is the full size pattern does not look like the proper size, so you may have to scale the pattern up in order to work with it. But I think trial and error is worth it for these neat pieces. Check them out here.

These last two pattern sites I believe are done by the same person. This first site has 6 pages of patterns varying from sewing patterns, to knitting patterns, to even furniture patterns. It has some choices gems in there. Check them out here.

This last site has much the same stuff kind of stuff like the website above with 9 pages of sewing patterns, knitting patterns, and furniture patterns. All interesting and some really nice ones. You can find them all here to give them a try.

Back when I started in the hobby it was very hard to find free patterns, and now everyone is sharing and keeping this hobby alive with creativity. This is another reason why I'd like to start making my own patterns and sharing them with the community. One day I will. Until then I will learn from those who've already started that journey and see what I can come up with. Tell me if you have tried any of these patterns and if you do be sure to leave a link to it below so we can all see it. And on that note I am off. I will talk to you lovely peeps in the next post. Be good until then. Bye for now.

Trying to decide which to sew first,

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  1. Wow, you really did your research. Thanks for posting all of these links. I keep telling myself that one day soon I will sew more regularly. Right now, all I have is an extensive supply of patterns and fabric.

  2. Hello, thanks for these. There are some very interesting patterns here.

  3. I must say that you really have found great sites. The dolls clothes on these sites are really gorgeous. And I will surely give these patterns a try. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  4. going to work on them soon

  5. Simply LOVE that mini sewing room. Thanks for gathering up the Barbie patterns. Am off to try a few now!

  6. Just a small correction, the blog "Arte e croche" is in brazillian portuguese. =) And thanks so much for sharing all this! I'm having lots of fun saving it all and planning my next projects. ^^

  7. Woohoo! Thank you so very, very much!


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