Sunday, January 6, 2013

Yarn Wigs For Dolls

So I've been wanting to try to make doll wig way before I had any bjds in my life. I thought they looked interesting and fun to try, and they forced me to practice my crochet more, so it's good all around. It's been a while since I've picked up a hook, but I still love the calming act of doing it. That is if I have an aluminum hook, I was using a cheap wooden hook in the size suggested and it was stress beyond stress. I don't know why I picked up those crap hooks and knitting needs when I did. I guess because they were cheap and I wanted to build up my collection. I may be donating them or just tossing them, I'd hate to pass on my stress to someone else. But someone might have a looser stitching pattern and might find them enjoyable. I tend to stitch tight and so it makes the wooden hook hard to use. So I don't know yet. I would rather be rid of them and get a metal hook instead so that's something to consider. Anyway, on with the post. Oh and please excuse the poor picture quality. I was using my cellphone camera in a dark corner at night. I used an online program to brighten the pictures which worked, but it bleached out my doll. But I will introduce her in another post so you will be able to see what she looks like clearly.

Ok, so this wig can really be made for any size doll. You just have to alter the pattern to make it smaller or bigger. I'm still a newbie at crochet, so I was happy the pattern was for the size doll I needed it for, but even then I messed up some, I'll explain later on that. But if you are semi-good at crochet, you can easily whip up this wig in a day. The wig cap is fairly easy, I had some issues because I wasn't sure on how to end the rows, but once I figured it out I was fine and had it done in a few minutes. Now I am working through the filling in the hair part. I kind of wish I'd done it a little more looser but I want to finish and see how it turns out. I believe I have enough yarn to do a second one, and I kind of want to because of how my wig ended up.

So as you can see, my yarn is a variety of red, white, and blue. It's not really a yarn I'd use for anything in particular, and I consider it a “practice” yarn, so I thought it would be perfect for a practice yarn wig. So, the wig cap ended up being an odd mix of red, white, and blue. I then was trying to figure out how to put the “hair” into the wig. At first I thought put red in the red parts, blue in the blue parts, and white in the white parts. But I didn't think that would end up looking nice, and the way I'd cut the yarn ended up with some white pieces with blue on the end and some red pieces with some red on the end.

So after some thought, I decided to put all red pieces on one side of the wig and all the blue pieces on the other side. And since I barely had white, I would place them in the front and on the bottom, which helped me decide if the solid colors would go in on the bottom or the white with color pieces. White with color pieces went on the bottom and solid parts will fill the top of the wig. I am still working on it and will update later when it is more done. Just wanted to show you what I've been up to. If this works out I may try to make some more in the near future and try to make some dreadlocks too. Yay for craftiness! Ok, talk to you lovely people later. Bye for now.

Crafting away,

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