Friday, January 25, 2013

Youtube Doll Peeps

So if you didn't know, there is a slowly thriving doll community on Youtube. Doll folks like you and me are making videos sharing their new purchases, doll plans, doll woes, and just their lives in general. I'm slowly growing my collection of must watch people on there. There are so many great people who have a variety of dolls to share. So I thought I'd share some of the fun doll peeps I follow on Youtube. For this entry I'd like to introduce you to Malvagitabella. She's a lover of many dolls, but her main love is for ball-joint dolls. She is slowly growing her collection of beautiful dolls. She shares with us about how she is growing her crew, her work on her face-ups, her attempts at sewing, and more. She's a super sweet gal and fun to watch. Her laugh is infectious and she's fun to watch. Take a look at her most recent video here. And be sure to subscribe to get new doll hobby updates from her. 

I hope you found a new person to add to your Youtube subscriptions. I'll be bringing you another fun dollie peep to meet soon. Bye for now. :-)


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