Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Most Popular Girls In School

Hey peeps! So let me get this straight out there, if you are not a fan of cursing or raunchiness in any way, this post is not for you and I will see you in the next one. Those of you who don't mind a little sick humor, continue to read. :-)

So while looking on BuzzFeed yesterday, I found myself on an article about this Youtube web-series called "The Most Popular Girls In School". The article had some gifs depicting some of the funnier lines of the show, like this one.

This is actually the tamer of the gifs in the article, but one of the running jokes in the series. It's actually pretty funny once you watch the series.

When I first learned about this series, I thought it was a bunch of kids doing some dirty jokes with dolls. At first I wasn't going to look at it, but then I decided to give it a try, and now I am hooked. Like I said, this show is not for the faint of heart, not for kids, and not safe for work. There is cursing and some of the things said in the series is just terrible, but in a way that it's so bad it's good. LOL! They completed their first season last year and have gained a nice following, which hopefully means there will be a season two.

Ok, so what is this show about? Well it's your basic "mean girls" teen drama. Two groups of popular girls, the cheerleaders and the rich girls, are out for each other's blood. Why the rift? Because back in third, serious stuff went down in third grade guys, besties Shay and Mackenzie were going for their third grade cheerleading team, knowing that whomever became captain of the team would be captain for "life".  Shay winning was a sure thing because she was part of a long line of cheerleading captains in her family. Even with her hair cut off due to lice, everyone still believe she'd win. That is, until a tragic hackey-sack accident that caused her to lose hearing in her right ear. She lost the captain title to Mackenzie and from then on the two became sworn enemies. This plotline alone makes for a fun story, but add in the many sidelines and you've got yourself a small burst of entertainment for 2-9 minutes per episode. Love it.

Another reason why I love this little series is the fact of the work they put into it. Yes, the sets are just basic, but still they are detailed. You know what everything is and they put some thought into and made things to scale. I love seeing behind-the-scenes pictures showing how people set up their sets and dioramas. It just adds to their genius in my eyes. So like I said, these sets aren't "the best" but they do have details and help tell the story.

And as with every series, you have to have your favorite character or characters. I do have some characters I love, but if I had to pick one person out that I loved the most it would have to be Bridget Tice.

One of the characters in the series said it best, she's like a mixture of Daria and Miranda from "Sex And The City". She's got a twisted story while remaining almost apathetic from it all. Add on to this that she has a crazy younger sister fueled with anger and vengeance due to something that happened back in the third grade, told you guys stuff went down in the third grade, and her sister's best friend whom I believe has a crush on Bridget. But through it all Bridget keeps cool and not a damn is given by her what goes down. Gotta love that "I don't really care." kind of attitude. LOL! But like I said, along with Bridget there are several other characters that make the show for me, and if you have a sick sense of humor, they will make the show for you also. Take a look at episode 1 to see what I mean.

This is just a short glimpse into the chaotic world of  "The Most Popular Girls In School". Be sure to check out their channel, and enjoy the rest of season one. You won't regret it. And if you do regret it, I point you to my initial warning up there ^. :-D

And now I am off. I need to finish an article before midnight, but I had to share this find with you guys. I know I am late to the party on this one, but hey, better late than never, right? Right. :-) And I will talk to you lovely people later. Bye for now.

Wishing now that she could play instead of having to write,

 Pictures 1,3, and 4 from the "Most Popular Girls In High School" Facebook fanpage.
Picture 2 is from the BuzzFeed website.
Picture 5 is from the "Most Popular Girls In High School" wiki website.


  1. I love TMPGIS! I saw on one of the character's twitter page they're working on the second season now.

  2. Hello from Spain, you are very creative. Great job. I like your dolls and outfits. Very cool. Keep in touch


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