Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!


Did you miss me? Did you? Did you?! Did you?!? I hope so. ;-)

So what has my sexy self been up to? Not a damn thing. :-D Ok, so maybe not that. Let's see here. I went through my sad moment that kept me from feeling like blogging. Then I was dealing with some stuff with a friend who is trying to get away from her husband...still dealing with that and I am SO torn on what to do. Part of me wants to help her get away and the other part of me wants them to make up for the kids' sake. Its just so confusing with that, and I may post more about that in another post. Right now, this is all about moi. :-D

I've also been outlining for two novels I will be writing next month. So far its going ok, but time is running out and I still outlining novel one and the second one I am still trying to figure out. Ahhhh...I want to be ready to go by October 31st. *sigh* Anyone else joining me in this chaos? Please do, we can cheer each other on. :-)

What else? Oh, I've decided to donate some dolls to chartity. It seems there won't be enough toys to go around this year for the kids. So I am planning on cleaning up some of the dolls I have and sew them a little dress and baggie and send them on their way to the Salvation Army. I hope my little bit can help make a Happy Christmas for someone. But I need to get working on that now. This November is going to be crazy. I still need to find an easy pattern to sew. I want to make it so I can sell them also when I get back to my shop that I need to put on vacation mode for November. With my friend coming back to town, me trying to get back on track with life, writing two novel, doing dolls for chairity, Thanksgiving, my dad getting ready to retire and helping my mom get ready for that...well trying to run a shop just doesn't work for me right now. :-( I only have three things up right now, so that's ok, but I wish I could have sold something. Here is the link, I have put it in vaca mode, but you can see some of what I've been working on up in the banner. The Goodie Bag

I will put it back up after NaNoWriMo is over. Hope I can still get into some of the Christmas action. I would like to be up and open for Black Friday, that weekend, and then Black Monday with a sale on items. Will have to see how things turn out.


Ok, just curious, does anyone think this Hard Rock Cafe Barbie looks a bit like Amy Winehouse?


Ok, that was just nagging me, so I had to mention it. LOL! Ok, is there anything else? Oh, I am going up and down when it comes to my exercise and diet. I was doing good and got to 2 and half weeks of exercising every day, then one day it was cold and I didn't feel like doing it and BAM! no more exercise for 2 days. Need to do it today, but don't want to. Will do it around 10. I will stick to 15 miles a day instead of 15 miles twice a day. That just makes me not want to do it. But I can do 10 miles to quickly now. Ugh! And the diet has been crap lately. Ugh! Ok, enough about that. I need to call my friend in a few so I will close for now. Talk to you all tomorrow.

Loves ya,


  1. Hey Chelle, just so you know, I'll be doing Nanowrimo along with Erica @ too! I have NO idea what the heck I'm gonna write about, but I figure I should give it a go anyways. I probably won't make it to the halfway point, but I gotta try right? :D Looking forward to the start of next month with ya!

  2. Oh that is too cool. I am so excited for the next month to start but so nervous at the same time. I am still outlining days before its to begin! Ahhhh!!! Let the fun begin! :-D


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