Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Wednesday and Forum is coming along nicely.



Was thinking of going with a theme for Halloween but decided best to just pick a theme that we will stick with. I found one that I think we will like. I have the chatroom set up, and I am setting up the sections now. I have several already, just trying to think what all I would like to see in a doll forum. If you have any suggestions please feel free to live them in the comments. Oh I decided to make the forum a doll and toy forum. There are two separate sections for both. I don't expect the toy section to be to active but I know people have toys they buy that they'd like to share that don't rank in the doll category and I wanted to make that a small part of our forum.

Gonna work on the market place later. Trying to decide if we should have requirements before you sell on there. I think people should be on the forum a month before sales can be done, but then the marketplace will be empty. Maybe do a thing where the first 20-50 people who register and have good feedback else where can sell to kind of get the part of the forum going and then close it off to other members being able to sell then until they make 50 posts and are on the forums for a month. Choices choices.

But once again I have not slept. I figured out what my problem with that is. Its October. I always have a hard time sleeping in October. Once November hits it should get better. But I think I will try to get some sleep now so I can exercise later. Will keep you up to date on how the forum is going. :-)

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