Thursday, October 1, 2009

Finally!!! Oh yeah, and Happy Thursday and Happy October!!!


Ok, so last night I was working on my shop and it deleted my stop policies every time I tried to save them. After the second time I finally got smart and started saving it in Notepad first. But it didn't keep me from getting frustrated. Well today I typed in "Coming soon." and it stayed so I tried putting my policies back in. Wouldn't save!!! Tried a few more times and almost gave up when I decided to take out some of the spaces I had between lines. Saved perfectly. Then I saw I had an error and needed to take it out. I took it out, clicked save, and covered my eyes...seriously. I looked back and it was still there!!! Yes!!! So no today my task is to upload a few things and then get to work on new stuff. I feel so nervous opening a shop, but its something I really want to do. I just wonder how I will do on Artfire.

Here are my thoughts on Artfire. Its new, but closing the gap between Etsy traffic and them. They are still in beta working things out, but I feel once they do work things out that a lot of Etsy people will move over or at least open a second shop there. It honestly reminds me of Myspace and Facebook. Myspace was the big cheese a while back and everyone had an account opened there. Then Facebook opened and it took a while for them to work out their kinks and now its now on level if not more popular than Myspace. I think Artfire will be the same and soon the traffic will come. I'm hoping to be able to go verified by the end of the month. I would like to have the perks of a verified member and perhaps see about becoming a Maven. Right now I just want to work on my shop and get into a flow with it so I won't have to worry about the structure of it and just create and upload it. Ugh! So much work, but if I can start selling stuff then it will be worth it. Right now I just frustrated, but that will pass I'm sure once I get a flow to things.

Ok, so mostly this post was to vent. I'm off to edit some pictures and take a few more before I'm out of daylight. Wish I had morning light to use, but go to bed late and no morning light for you. Oh well. Happy Thursday everyone one, and Happy October!!!


Loves ya,

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