Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This is the bedroom with the beautiful bed in the Barbie Fold N Fun House, I built. :-D

Ok, so today I COMPLETELY wasted away. I didn't even exercise. I was suppose to be advertising the doll forum in some places as well as getting my dolls and fabric out for the Christmas donation, but I didn't get ANYTHING done besides watch Christmas videos on YouTube, do a little outlining for my novel, and talk to my friend Robin on the phone. Ahhhhhh!!! Alas, tomorrow is another day. I am off to bed now so I can get up refreshed, but just wanted to pop on to say I am still alive and also to show you this blast from that past. I loved the jingle to this commercial.

Oh, and remember to register for The Toy Box doll and toy forum when you get a chance. I will be working on it tomorrow some, would love to get more people signed up. Come and join in what could be the most chaotic fun you could have a on forum...well potentially it could be that way. We'll never know unless you come and register and bring your friends!!! ;-) Night all.

Loves ya,

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