Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm such a weirdo.


Because I want this doll.


Its the Fab Girl Barbie doll. Why do I want her?


Well not only do I want her because I love the outfit she is in. Seriously, did you see the metallic grey bodysuit she was in? I loved it! I was picturing flipping it inside out and using it to make a pattern piece. Of course it kind of has the ruffles one unlucky lady got kicked off of Project Runway last night for, but I think these work. But also because she reminds me of the Day To Night Barbie doll I had and LOVED as a child.


I can just image getting her and body swapping her with a Fashionista...of course one of the ones I don't already have and maybe offering up the poor girls I don't want for sale. Hummmm, choices, choices. ;-)

I found out they redid the day to night working Barbie concept again in 1999 when I was just slowly getting back into dolls.


She was called Working Woman Barbie.


I love her outfit, no pink. Just kind of a shocker color mix for Barbie.

But I do love this new doll. It seems she has a color change pink stripe up front and when you pull beads in her hair it changes styles. And her outfit alone makes me want her. So, now I am on the hunt for her. Oh, and can I just say, how macho is the guy who actually agreed to be in a Barbie commerical. If he has young daughters you know he's a celeb in his house. LOL!

Its so weird how about three years ago I lost interest in Barbie collecting but now with the Fashionistas I found an interest in them again. Must be my love of fashion and wanting to sew things for them. Honestly whenever I think of a doll I think of sewing fashions for them more than just collecting them. Its odd. Well I just wanted to share my find with you today. Gonna go back to writing. Want to finish my novel up before NaNoWriMo starts. I think I am close to the end! :-D But still, I don't know what the flipping story is about. Hard to explain, just trust me. Ok, off now. Bye lovelies.

Oops, one more thing.


Happy Friday!!!

Bye. :-)

Loves ya,

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