Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Sunday!!!


Hey guys, I know I'm starting early today, but heck, why not. I just checked some sales fliers for this upcoming week and Hancock Fabrics is having the 99 cent sale on both McCalls and Simplicity this week. Target has marked down some of their Barbie Basic Fashion dolls to 5 dollars. Great time to stock up on some outfits you may have wanted and couldn't get.

Won't be able to see Hobby Lobby's ad until later. Bummer. But I am trying not to spend money this week. I am hoping to start making money actually. I haven't worked on my shop in two days thanks to trying to work on writing. I don't honestly know how I will do both, but the month of November I don't care, I'm gonna write. I'll just have to try to get a sleeping pattern down during NORMAL hours of the day...night, and then use my time wisely. Now I understand what the teachers were trying to say back then.

So I have been working on my the outline for my potential two novels I am going to attempt to write next month. Its about a 9 year old girl, and oddly enough I thought it would be hard to write about a nine year old girl but I find outlining for her to be amazing and fun and I can't wait to get started. I'm still on novel one though. I have to have novel one AND two outlined out by October 31st so I can spend that day in chat for Nano and getting ready for some serious word wars. I'm honestly so excited about this...can you tell? :-D The story is coming along so nicely its just flowing from me. But its hard to get my mind to stop thinking about it so I can concentrate on other things. I need to work on my other novel too. Ugh!!! I think I will go to bed in about 30 minutes...even though I just woke up around 6 hours ago after 8 hours of sleep, and try to get up early in the morning like around 6. That is when I am most productive. Every one is asleep and just me, the birds singing, and the early bloomers who are walking and driving by. Paradise. Of course its a bit dark at that time, so I may not see many walkers but the birds and cars will be there with me. :-)

I really need a schedule so I can schedule time to write, brainstorm, sew, promote, blog, exercise, and chat within the day. Oh yeah, and sleep. LOL! A lot of work, but I am sure I can manage it...somehow. Ok guys, just wanted to pop on real quick and say hi! I know I need to pop by some of your blogs and I promise to get to that. Just spread myself a little thin lately spending all my time on my shop and writing. Later on today is a busy day so I may or may not get to your blogs but I will, I promise. Ok, talk to you all soon. Bye for now and have a great Sunday. :-D

Loves ya,

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