Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy Tuesday guys.


Happy Tuesday you lovely lovely people. I hope today reached you well. My day was mostly spent sleeping and exercising. A little bit of eating mixed in. Oh and unraveling a scarf I knitted a long time ago. Man that was hard! The yarn liked to catch on itself and make it almost impossible to unravel, but I managed it. I am going to attempt to make it into a different kind of scarf. Hope to work on it tomorrow.

So nothing much else going on today. Just tired mostly. I want to go exercise some more and I want to write some too. Also I want to work on the doll forum. I guess I could do it all tonight but I am really tired. Upped my exercise to 20 miles today. It felt good but it wears me out. Oh, I also promised my sister I'd play Kingdom Hearts with her on DS. Hum. Guess I will do that. Kind of feeling blah right now. Ok guys, I hope I have more interesting stuff for you tomorrow. Sleep tight or have a nice day...depending on where you are right now. :-)

Loves ya,

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