Sunday, September 20, 2009

*Wipes brow.*

Ok, so today I got up and after a few hours I was out and about. I first headed to Hancock Fabrics for the Snuggie pattern. Photobucket However since it was Saturday and busy, my mom didn't want to cross the busy highway, so we went up to a shopping area with a pet store we wanted to pop in and went to check it out. I was three feet away from the store and squeed. Bunnies were in window boxes. Freaking bunnies!!! Some pep in my step got me standing in front of them just gushing over them as my eyes slowly gazed to the left to check them all out and then all of a sudden I saw the most awesome thing every. Kits! Baby ferrets in two window boxes. Ahhhh!!! I wanted one for my Furginia to play with. My mom was thisclose to buying one, but we only left with some ferret food I think my ferret can eat now and a new favorite pet store. We got in the car and made it to Hancock Fabrics. The parking lot was practically empty. I walked into the store and only one person was at the patterns table. Shocking. I rushed over to the patterns, opened the drawer, found the section...nothing. They were all bought!!! Damnit!!! I was so sad to see this and I am just crossing my fingers that Hobby Lobby's sales next week put their McCall's at 99 cents. Fingers crossed. I just tried now to see if their ad was updated, but the site is being fussy. Guess I will have to wait a few more hours. Poo.

Its actually funny, I Googled the pattern and saw that a lot of people, mostly foreign, didn't see the point of the Sunggie and called it "Another excuse for American's to lay around and be lazy.", I found that interesting. Oh and because the Snuggie was part of Fashion Week in New York, everyone is complaining about how its not fashion. Umm, duh, its a blanket. And I think its a great idea. When I am sitting doing something in the Autumn or Winter, sometimes I'd like blanket on me, but I can't because it gets in the way. This seems like a great idea. So phooey on you who mock it. Phooey. I can't wait to get my pattern so I can make one...or several. Mwahahahahaha.

So after Hancock, we headed to Bigga Lots, yes I misspelled that on purpose because that is what I call it. I decided to suck it up and buy my Alvin Ailey doll. So excited about that. I saw some other dolls there I coveted, but once I saw them in person, even the 20 dollar price wasn't worth it. The one that caught my eye was the ONE Tarina Tarantino Barbie they had on the shelf. I loved the pink hair from the promo pictures and I was thisclose to buying it until I took some time and looked at the doll as a whole. I didn't like the hair style and the hair looked like poorly dyed blond hair...and it glowed. LOL! The jewelry I can make on my own, and the dress didn't really impress me. So back on the shelf she went. Went around and threw a few more things in the cart and came back to the doll section to look around one more time and I saw a lady's cart with the Tarina Tarantino Barbie in it. Kind of sad, but glad to see she's going to a good home. Later I sat on a sofa and waited for my mom to use the restroom and saw the lady check out with the doll. Hope the doll makes someone's day. :-)

After this we went to Target so I could use the restroom. LOL! But once we got in there, there was a LINE!!! So we decided to look around some and guess what I saw on a shelf? Snuggies!!! LOL! Granted I don't like the factory made one and would love to make my own, but it was funny to see it on the shelves...almost sold out fyi. ;-) So, looked around there and forgot to look for what I wanted to look for, but that's ok. Didn't want to spend cash anyway. Went to AC Moore so I could look around and caught up with a friend and talked a bit while my mom shopped. Then I headed to Tuesday Morning and just looked around there also. Still love that Little Red Riding Hood doll...for the wolf only of course. One day I am sure I will buy it. Don't really like the doll, but the wolf is rule. LOL! From there we went to the Dollar Tree and looked around and got some soda. Headed to Micheal's and looked around and then headed home. It was overall a nice day.

I came home tired, but decided to clean and pick up stuff in the spare room so my ferret could finally run. Decided I couldn't open up what I got until I cleaned and gave her some freerun time. She got about 45 minutes before I saw a mosquito in the room with us, and she's not on heartworm pills, so she had to go back into her cage in the blocked off living room. I was kind of glad for the break. She keeps you moving, and I was already tired. LOL!

So now I am just sitting here blogging and getting ready to open my stuff...if I can keep the energy going. LOL! But I am starting to feel tired. :-( Humm...we'll see how far I get. I want to take pictures too, but that post may come later on today. Bye for now guys.

Loves ya,

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