Saturday, September 19, 2009

An adventure with the parental units.


Ok, so today I wanted to get this doll clothing pattern from Hobby Lobby. However, my mom wanted me to go with her and my dad to the commissary (military grocery store), so she made a deal with me that we'd go to Hobby Lobby on the way. I really didn't want to go to the commissary, but I did want the pattern. Meh, ok, why not. Got dressed, and off we went.


Ok, so my dad is a truck driver, talking semi here, so he's used to big turns and constantly moving the wheel to keep the truck straight. So when he gets into a small car he still is in the mental state. Not so great on one's nerves who isn't driving. A simple 25 minute drive across town upset my stomach so much I had trouble breathing from the acid. Yeah, it was THAT bad. LOL! So me and my mom ran in and I picked up up and looked at their clearance and Christmas section and $1.07 later and we were out and back in the car.

Now here's the mistake I made...I got hot and wanted the air on higher because they had it on low up front. My dad decided to be the one to fix it, so he fixed his attention on the ac controls and not the road. I was like "Um, dad, keep the eyes on the road.", we almost hit the curb. LOL! So we got onto base and to the commissary fairly ok. But by then I realized I hadn't ate. Hunger and grocery shopping do not mix. So my dad offered to take me to eat in the food court while my mom got started. Meh, ok.

They have a few places there in the food court. A Chinese place, a sub place, a pizza place, and Popeye's. There was a coffee shop that sold Cinnabuns and I thought maybe something to sweeten my stomach would help me, but my dad insisted I didn't want anything sweet and I should get a full meal. Well, maybe he was right. I didn't like anything else out there so I looked at Popeye's...which I HATE. But they had a kid's meal with a 4 piece chicken nugget with a side and small drink. Ok, got that with onion rings for my side, a biscuit, and a fried sweet potato pie. Simple enough right? Well the onion rings had to be friend and the pie had to be made which would take 7 minutes. I figure that's ok we can wait. My dad got a small bowl of rice so I wouldn't feel weird being the only one eating. So I went and got my small Sprite while our food was made. Stood there a few minutes with my dad talking. He was telling me that I need to work on making my mind up because it took me a while to order because I wasn't sure what I should get from a menu I didn't want to be ordering from in the first place. He said I just need to try things and see if I like them and if I don't then I know what not to get next time. I agreed, and by this time most of my order was down and they gave me my tray and told me they'd call me when my pie was done. Meh, ok.

Sat down at a table in back by the window so I can look out and my dad can watch my tv on the ceiling. Bit into the cute chicken nugget and am reminded suddenly what Popeye's is famous for. Its Louisiana cooking style. :-O HOT!!! Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot!!! Sip of Sprite. Hot still! Another sip. Damn all out, go get more Sprite. Come back and work on the nuggets a little more. After my nose started burning I started working on the onion rings. Filled with fresh grease...well maybe not fresh but not sopped in like the nuggets. The first one was ok. The next one was ok too. Another nibble of the nuggets. Spirte!!! Ok back to onion rings. Got another down. My dad took one, so thankful. Seriously, I just wanted a small kids meal and this is like a full meal to me. Got the next one down. These things are pretty good I think. Go back to the nuggets and suck it up and finish them. Sprite!!! Thank goodness they are done. Burning bad, but I think its just a spicey reaction and it would get better. So I worked on my last onion ring. Umm, I can't chew through it. Humm. The breaded shell comes off leaving the hot onion in my other hand. Trying to hold the onion and take a bite is another hot experience, only this time for my hand. Took a bite as best I could and realized this onion was doubled up with really gummy onions. Took another bite, more shell no onion. I decided by now to just take the last of the shell and eat it and leave the slimey onion on the tray. Ok, biscuit is left...hummm my pie should have been done by now shouldn't it? My dad tells me to go get some honey for the biscuit. I agree, because they are dry and I don't really like them. So I go up front and when I get up to the front the lady tells me the guy making my pie dropped it on the floor and had to make me another one and it would be another 7 minutes!!! Well he already started so I just said ok. I asked for honey and got two packets and went back to my table. Asked my dad to split the biscuit with me and he agreed. So I broke it in half and gave him some honey and we chowed down on it. Finished off my Sprite and I was on fire by now. So I went and got some Hi-C Fruit Punch. That cooled me off but the damage was done. I had to pop some Tums and hope for the best. It was around this time they called about the pie so my dad went and got it while I tried to cool off my insides. I told him to get it to go because by now I was so over something sweet and just wanted to get this trip over with.

We walked to the commissary and I sat outside on a bench and finished my fruit punch. Now mind you, I only wanted a small Sprite, and that I was worried would be to much for me. But now I've refilled 4 times now. My dad went in and used the restroom while I painfully drank. I didn't want it any more, but I was on fire. Finally finished it and was still on fire and by now I needed a serious restroom break. Went in while my dad went and got a cart. Came out and found my mom about a 3rd way through the store.

From there I will give you the cliffs notes version of what happened. Me and mom fought over something stupid like we usually do, my dad tried to cheer me up, I sat down and waited for them because I was SO bored, caught up with them and got some things we usually get, got more stuff, waited for my mom to use the restroom so she can pick up veggies, got in line, realized we forgot frozen stuff, got out of line and picked them up, got back in line and waited, went to the checkout and started unpacking our 2 carts. My dad dropped a bottle of olive oil and it shockingly didn't break. Found out the lunch meat we picked up wasn't sealed properly and air was in the package. Took it back and fought over parents why we couldn't buy it or return it to the freezer section. I got back and found out my dad was going to buy it anyway but my mom took it back to the freezer section after I told them it was bad and had air in it!!! Ahhhh!!!

Got checked out and back to the car where the bagger tried to fit two carts worth of food into a car. Thank goodness we took the big car, because we were stuffed in there. Got home, got unpacked, and it was then I remembered my fried sweet potato pie. Took it out of my purse and opened it up and was quickly disappoint. It was like cardboard with a lumpy mashed potato mix in the middle of it and tons of cinnamon and sugar coated on it. *sigh* Well at least my dad will be proud of me. I tried several things and have realized two things. Next time I don't want to go to the commissary I will stick to my guns and not go, and if I do get weak and go and get hungry again I will certainly not have Popeye's and will just get the damn Cinnabun I wanted in the first place. *sigh*

But hey, I got my pattern...which I am so hoping I don't already have, I don't think I do. Won't that just be the frosting on the cake if I already have it? LOL! Well, hopefully tomorrow will go better. I plan to go get the Snuggie pattern Dorrie mentioned on her blog and perhaps get a doll from Big Lots. I won't mention which one I am getting until I get it so I don't jinx myself. But yeah, that was my adventure with the parental units today. Love them to death, but perhaps there is a things as TOO much bonding. *yawn* Sleepy time. Bye for now kids.

Loves ya,

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