Friday, September 18, 2009

Barbie Fashionista Playline Dolls

So as most of you know, I used to be very into collecting Barbies and doing photostories with them for my website. After a while I stopped doing that and just loaded all the dolls into a big tub...that I will soon be slowly selling off. I found myself preferring dolls that could move better. Well, after finding out from DollsAhoy about this new line that now Mattel has given Barbie a little more movement...I so wish they had these dolls when I was a kid, I find myself liking Barbie again.


The Barbie Fashionista playline dolls have the ability to move more of their body to get better movement and poses with the doll. This got me interested in Barbie again because I wanted to sell Barbie clothes I made but wanted a nice body that could pose for them. Now I think I have found one and at and affordable price. The only thing I don't like about them is their commercial actually. LOL! Take a look and you will see what I mean.

But if you can get past that, I really find the dolls interesting. I am wondering about the Ken doll in the clip. Will he be a part of the line? If so, will he be as poseable as well? That would be cool. But does anyone know about that? Any info would be fabu.

I know some people may not like that fact that she still has pointed toes, but I still like the pointed toe. I love the petite shoes that go on Barbie so it fine by me.

I can't wait until the line comes out officially...9/30/09, and you can pre-order them on Toys R Us's website already for $14.99. I don't do pre-orders so I will wait until release day to see if I can get one at that price. Once again, anyone know about that? I saw some online shops selling them for 20 bucks, but I am guessing its a price boost to make a profit. Meh, we'll see I guess. Can't wait.


I did originally pick Artsy as the gal I wanted to covet, but then recently changed my mind to Cutie because she reminds me of the dolls I had when I was a kid with the blond curly hair. And her outfit and purse are too cute. Some how I think she will either be limited or the biggest seller, so I will have to act quickly to get her. Now it makes me wonder if I should do stories again. If I do, it will be a much smaller scale than I did, and I will be selling off a lot of my props from the stories I did do. Just trying to pick the right time for it. Meh, ok, so just wanted to share some dolly news with you.

Loves ya,


  1. After all the fuss they made over Aqua? And lame that they majority are blond with blue eyes... I think they need more variety. It's the Spice Girls formula.

  2. I know! I mean, they were fighting Aqua over this song and now several years later they are using it. That just rubbed me the wrong way for some reason. And yes, what is up with all the blond-haired blue-eyed gals. I want the one blond because it reminds me of the dolls I had in the 80s, but I do wish they had more variety in their dolls. There is not a one that represents Asian or Hispanic, and Black is barely represented there as well. I'm hoping this is just them trying to get a jump into the market with the new dolls and that they have others planned. But looking back over the history of doll companies, I am not holding my breath. *sigh*


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