Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Let's just stay consitsent, shall we?

So remember how I said the end of the year is bittersweet for me? It just got a little more bitter for me.

So me and my boyfriend were talking about my brother's death and then he reminded me that his grandfather's death date is two days before my brother's. That was a sad day. His grandfather was a lot like his father figure. especially after his dad passed away. So I have that additional thing to add to the list and then today I got one more.

I went down to feed my pets. My ferret and my African Dwarf Frog. I fed my ferret and then went to feed my frog and looked into his box to see how he was doing because he is very very old, and I saw him laying at the bottom of the box upside down. He was fine last night so I guess he passed sometime today, well yesterday now. :-( His name was Froggie and I've had him for about 10 years and he was only averaged to live 2 years, so he lived a nice long life. But I will miss feeding him and looking in on him. It just makes me realize I need to pay more attention to my ferret because she's at half life and I've been ignoring her for a good while due to depression and pain. But I am going to change that so she can enjoy what's left of her life.

Me and my mom were talking about all the loss we have at the end of the year and well, its just a bittersweet time for us, but it'll be ok. I hope there's a frog heaven and that my little Froggie is hoping around all happy with his brothers and sisters. :-) R.I.P. Froggie.

Loves ya.

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