Monday, September 21, 2009

Ok, I should be sleeping, but...

I am still up. I decided to look for my patterns so I can start working on doll clothing after I finishing my photo cubes...lots of drying time with these things. Well, in looking for my patterns I found that I already had the pattern I bought the other day. But the one I bought is missing its instructions, so I guess it turned out ok, and well I would love to have doubles of all my patterns honestly. But I know my directions are around here somewhere. I guess if I find the directions later I can sell the copy I have or just keep it just in case. Who knows. No big whoop. Something kept telling me I had it already. LOL!

Ok, so can someone tell me why I have this song stuck in my head right now at 4:30 in the morning?!?

Seriously. First I started humming it, then I started whistling it, and then it was full on singing. LOL! Catchy tune, I can't help it. But dudes, have you actually ever seen a naked mole rat? I hadn't until today and *shivers*, it's not the prettiest thing out there. Rufus definitely had a serious makeover to appease the Disney heads. Take a look.


Yeah. But anyway, I think I will have a "nahco" those things really exist, and call it a night. Talk to you guys later on today...hopefully with pictures. Woot! Can I get a Booyah?!? BOOYAH!!! :-D

Loves ya,

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