Thursday, September 24, 2009

More prototypes.

So I am still working on the perfect pattern for my Blythe sweaters with thinner yarn and thicker yarn. So far I am seeing I need to go bigger on most of them and longer on the ones I am mixing with fabric.

Sweater prototype

So the first one I want to show is the fuzzy orange sweater that I am still trying to perfect. The back is still a hair long, but its getting closer to what I want. But I think I need to go longer on this sweater by a hair.

Sweater prototype (closeup)

But I so love how fuzzy the sweater looks. I wonder how it will look with skirts attached. I hope to have a finished prototype for you soon.


This is another one that will have a skirt, but I will be flipping the top around. It doesn't look good on this side. I thought it would look interesting, but in pictures it shows how crappy it does look. So gonna try it again. It also needs to be a bit bigger in back and a hair longer.

Sweater Prototype

This is a long sweater that I like the length on, but the back needs to be a hair bigger to help close it comfortably. So hopefully I will have some prototypes and finished outfits for you soon. Ok, just wanted to update you on what I'm doing in the background. Talk to you lovelies later.

Loves ya,

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