Friday, September 4, 2009

College at 32.

Returning to college. Its something I have always planned on doing. However, I will be 32 when I plan on returning to college. There is a college in town I've always wanted to go to, even before I graduated high school...some years ago. *ahem* And well, I thought because it was private that it was off limits to me. So I applied and spent a good amount of money to apply at a college I didn't want to go to. Things kept getting in my way of applying there and something kept telling me not to. I couldn't explain it, but I did it against my gut feeling and now I am some money down the hole and not going to college at the mo. Learning experience, I guess. I mean I could still go in spring and not lose out on the money I invested into applying, but something has changed.

I realized a while back that I want to become an author. Hard work? Yes? Worth it? Bigger yes. Do I think I have what it takes? Even bigger yes. But the school I applied to didn't have what I was looking for. However the private school across town did. Well, things have changed with the school over the years. Their prices are still high, BUT, I can get federal aid and other aids to pay. The reason the school went off the list is because of the lack of aid. But now I can apply for aid and see what I get. I am hoping it will cover the full cost, but even half would be nice. And there is a degree there that answered all my problems.

I want to go to school for a degree in creative writing as well as a degree for a actual trade so while I am working on writing I have income coming in. Well there is a dress that majors in English with a concentration on writing. Meaning, I could be an English teacher or carry on with my education for more stable writing jobs. Methinks this works for me. But first I need to get Michelle in order. I have a year to do it, and that goes by so fast. So this is me, taking a deep breath, and jumping in feet first...seems more logical than head first. This is were I really change my life around. I've already started today by finally figuring out what I did last year to lose weight. So I am starting there. I think the weight is the major reason I am having issues. So I shall start there. I always like to attack the big projects first and leave the easier ones for last. So here goes.

I just have so much on my mind to think about I don't know where to start. I guess its time for some trusty to-do lists and go from there. Ahhh!!! Ok, I can do this. I mean its only just the rest of my life we are talking about. Humm...I wonder how easy/hard it is to go to school pregnant? Can't be to fun. Ok, looking to far ahead again. Weight. That's where I need to start first. The rest will fall into line. Ok, I'm off. Just needed to get that out of my mind and off my chest. Will be checking in on some blogs and forums later on tonight after I work on my novel some and then call it a night I suppose. Last night I couldn't sleep for anything and when I did sleep I kept waking up. Ugh! Ok, bye for now kiddies. :-)

Loves ya,

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