Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!


Nothing really to say today guys. I'm worn out. I didn't go to sleep until around 7 this morning...well I was in bed before that but I was reading my self-help book on writing. I have such mixed thoughts on this book. I will be able to review it soon for you all. But then around 11:50 something my door bell rings like crazy and a member of my family brings in the two cases of flat rate boxes I ordered. Finally! LOL! Now all I need are some small envelopes and bubble wrap. But today I remembered I wanted to send off for a free item and needed to get it post marked by tomorrow. Well I couldn't find on of the tokens I saved and so I went through my room and craft room looking for it. In the process I dirtied and cleaned up both rooms, but they still need a touch of straightening, but this search got me to do something I hate to do and try to avoid as much as possible. Never found the token, which is ok. Got cleaner rooms and minus some loads of laundry and a good vaccum, they will look perfect. Also started looking through my doll stuff and started seeing stuff I am ready to purge. So I am hoping to get a start on that and the laundry and vacuuming tomorrow. Fingers crossed. :-) But other than that I didn't do much today. If I have time tomorrow I plan on starting on my clay beads and getting them ready for sale and then I will have them done. Then this weekend I hope to get pictures of all my stuff and upload them to Artfire and see if I can start selling stuff finally. Fingers crossed. Ok lovelies, I am off to bed. See you tomorrow.

Loves ya,

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