Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Don't Do Subtle!

Hey all, I wanted to make a post about a new blog written by a lovely gal I first learned of from YouTube. Lanie makes videos about her BJDs and takes pictures of them with band members from some of her favorite bands. Her pictures are awesome and have been featured in her column in "Haute Doll" magazine. However she recently found out people were using her pictures on their blogs without credit. She doesn't mind her pictures being used, but she'd like some credit for her work. So she is trying to get the word out about her blog so people will start seeing that those "random" pictures on other blogs are indeed her's. So have a look at her blog "I Don't Do Subtle", and if you like it, could you please pass on the link to other doll friends you know? I just really like Lanie's work and think she's deserves the same respect the next person gets. Thanks and enjoy her blog.

Loves ya,

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